Romantic Activities to Express Love

You will remain close to your partner if you make time for romance.You will remain close to your partner if you make time for romance.

Romance can become buried under everyday pressures and demands. Eventually, a relationship can fall apart from the lack of romance because one person may not feel loved anymore. Therefore, you must make your relationship a priority and find time for romantic activities. There are many things you can do to be romantic. You don't have to spend a fortune and your partner will feel closer than ever to you.

Make a Memory Book

Spend time making a book of your life together. This is a romantic way to connect and look back at the life you have shared as a couple. Paste pictures of the two of you when you first met. Paste pictures of important events or places you visited together as well. You will both remember the wonderful qualities that you have always loved about each other. Take your time making the book. You can spend nights or weekends on the book.

Plan a Music Night

Buy tickets to an upcoming concert of your spouse's favorite musical group. Make a special dinner at home with candles and mood music before the concert to add to the romance. Alternatively, you can buy CDs of your partner's favorite groups and plan a romantic evening listening to his favorite music while dancing and enjoying a romantic dinner. If you're brave, sing your partner's favorite song.

Go Camping or Hiking

Go to a campground in the middle of nature and cuddle up under the stars in your sleeping bags. Buy your partner's favorite food and wine to add to the romance. Some campgrounds rent rowboats to campers. Row out to the middle of the water and serenade your partner. Alternatively, make a day of hiking in a secluded spot. Prepare a picnic lunch with wine and special treats for your partner. Cuddle up with her and enjoy her company.

Have a Surprise Lunch or Dinner

Surprise your partner by showing up at work when he doesn't expect you. Bring food for a romantic picnic or take him to a nice restaurant for lunch. Alternatively, surprise your spouse by having a romantic dinner all ready and prepared when he comes home. Light candles, make his favorite foods and serve his favorite wine. Surprise him by wearing a sexy outfit.

Take Pictures

Grab a camera and go out for the day or evening. Take turns taking pictures of each other. Ask other people to take shots of the two of you together. Make silly poses and faces. Have a good time being carefree and seeing the silly side of each other. Put the pictures in a special album or use one of the pictures as your desktop wallpaper.

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