Romantic Activities in New York

New York City can be a romantic place based on what you do.New York City can be a romantic place based on what you do.

Engaging in romantic activities in New York make the city feel more special and a little less impersonal. Various activities in New York are nice to enjoy with a special someone, and are ideal for romance, whether you are married, engaged or just dating.

Visit Central Park

Even though Central Park is right in the middle of Manhattan, it has an ambiance that attracts couples on a daily basis. A carousel and several playgrounds dot the landscape of the park, which is bounded by Central Park West on the west side, 5th Avenue on the east, 59th Street on the south and 110th Street on the north. Couples looking for a nice place to get lost or spend a little quiet time can check out Cherry Hill, which is at the park's center and overlooks the New York skyline. From Cherry Hill, visitors can check out the Bow Bridge, a long bridge that spans the park's main lake, and the Ramble, a collection of nature trails.

Take a Carriage Ride

The Manhattan Carriage Company is the principal company that operates carriage rides around the island. Operating since 1980, the company offers rides through Central Park and around the periphery. A special feature offered by the company is the Engagement Ride, which stops at Cherry Hill, overlooking Central Park's biggest lake. Couples can step off the carriage to the tune of a saxophone player playing a romantic song to set the mood for a marriage proposal. The company also offers carriage rides to weddings.

See Times Square

Couples might like to share a kiss amidst the lights and sounds of New York's busiest area. The Times Square Visitors Center offers tips on sightseeing tours, things to do in the city and Broadway show tickets. Restaurants ring Times Square; while they may not be quiet and hushed for a candlelight dinner, some couples prefer the thrill of dining in a crowded area. Take advantage of photographers and artists waiting to paint portraits or take pictures. Impromptu activities like those create long-lasting memories.

Take in the View from the Empire State Building

Two observation decks are at the top of the Empire State Building, including the popular 86th-floor deck where many tourists stop to view the city. Enjoy a sky-high view in a more intimate setting with the 102 Club, which gives guests access to an observatory on the 102nd floor. Tickets can be purchased for an additional fee with a regular admission ticket. Couples planning weddings can rent the top of the building for ceremonies, and saxophone players can serenade couples wishing to drink, enjoy a slow dance or pop the question. Saxophone players are available from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, at the time of publication.

Dine at an Intimate Restaurant

A dinner by candlelight with a bottle of wine and pleasant company is one way to really enjoy New York's intimate, romantic side. Restaurants might have traditional fare or non-traditional cuisine, or couples might be interested in an intimate corner table for privacy, just the right preparation of a specific dish or the perfect ambiance. One If By Land, Two If By Sea (, a restaurant that offers dinner by fireplace and live piano in the West Village, is frequently cited as a top destination. An added bonus for couples trying to save a little money is Restaurant Week, usually held in July. At restaurants across New York, multi-course lunches and dinners are available for a reduced price.

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