Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Women

Bed hangings can imbue your bedroom with a dreamy, romantic look.Bed hangings can imbue your bedroom with a dreamy, romantic look.

For a woman, the bedroom can be more than a place to sleep; it can be a space that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and relaxed. As you plan a romantic bedroom design, embrace soft, ornate details that will set the mood and create a place that is a welcome oasis from the rest of the world.


Lighting can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your bedroom. For a touch of opulent drama and luxuriousness, hang an Old World-style chandelier. Place lights on either side of the bed that you can use alone to create a romantic feeling or in combination with other lights for a bright lighting scheme. Fill your light fixtures with low-wattage light bulbs that will create a soft, glowing light, and set candles around the room to create a romantic, relaxing mood.

Bed Hangings

In a romantic bedroom, the bed is the room's focal point. Turn yours into a stylish design piece by adding bed hangings to it. Hang sheer, gauzy drapes from the edges of a four-poster bed to soften its look or run full curtains around the entire bed with a rail. For a princess-style canopy, install a metal ring on the wall above the head of your bed and hang sheer drapes so that they fall on either side of the bed. In addition to giving your bedroom an Old World feeling, bed hangings also add a measure of privacy.

Ornate Pieces

When you are planning a romantic bedroom, look for ornate pieces. Don't shy away from detail; embrace a headboard that is padded in a luxurious material or designed with curling lines. You can also add detail via the ornate frame of an antique mirror or chairs featuring carved wooden legs and padded upholstery. Even in a room decorated with modern furniture, you can add ornate pieces for contrast.


Clutter can kill the romance of a bedroom immediately; it hides the lines of the room and prevents the design from showing through. To create a bedroom that does not cause you stress, look for decorative ways to store and organize your belongings. Add a curved metal earring tree to your dresser to organize your jewelry and use a velvet-lined box to organize toiletries. Hide your accessories, shoes and scarves in the closet, where they will not dampen the romantic feeling of the room.

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