Romantic Birthday Card Ideas

Surprise your loved one with a romantic birthday card.Surprise your loved one with a romantic birthday card.

Do not just choose a generic greeting card from your local retailer for your sweetheart. Create something extra special by putting some time in to make a card yourself. Your partner will love all the thought you put into his birthday card. Customize the card to make it your own special greeting and her birthday will be all the more special. She will treasure the card for years to come.

Candy Card

Make a play on words using candy for a sweet, childlike birthday card. For instance, attach a homemade card made out of construction paper to a bag of chocolate kiss candies. Write something in the card such as "Here's some birthday kisses for my sweetie on your special day." Use just about any candy to make a cute sentiment. Chewing gum can carry a card that says, "I chew-se only you forever." A peanut butter cup can be secured to a card that says something like, "We go together like peanut butter and chocolate." Use your imagination for a cute idea that will make your partner smile.

Message in a Bottle

For the romantic at heart, there is nothing like a secret message in a bottle. You can purchase a bottle with a cork at any craft or hobby store. Get one that is big enough for you to slide your rolled-up message or card inside. You can make a card out of card stock or use parchment paper to look more like an actual bottled message. Write your sentiment on the card stock or parchment and your birthday message to your loved one. Say something like, "I can't keep my feelings for you bottled up" or "I was drifting alone before I found you." Make sure to attach a ribbon to the card that can be left out of the bottle so your sweetheart can pull it out easily to read the enclosed message.

Our Story

Gather some card stock to make a mini photo book card. Make a scrapbook of your story. Include photos from when you first started dating up until now. Write captions on each one, including your favorite stories about your partner, including the story of how you met. Put in little things you love about him and some of your sweetest memories. It is a card that says so much more than "Happy Birthday," it is a scrapbook of your relationship. Cut the card stock to be card-sized so you can fit it into a decorated envelope. She will treasure the scrapbook card forever.

Song Card

Make a card that includes song titles in the wording. Use songs that are special to you and your partner. For example, if your song is "Still the One," then put something like, "You're Still the One I will love forever and always. Happy Birthday!" If you like, use lots of different song titles to make it funny. Come up with funny lines such as, "Baby I'm Amazed that after all these years, you can still make me laugh with your corny jokes." You will have your sweetheart cracking up. Arrange it like a poem, and you can even make it rhyme. If you are feeling really ambitious, include a CD that you made with all of the songs that were mentioned in the card included.

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