Romantic Birthday Dinner Ideas

When you think of a birthday celebration, the first thing that comes to mind is a birthday party with loads of guests, colorful decorations and a gorgeous cake everyone can't wait to dive into. There is another option when it comes to celebrating your mate's birthday, and that is a romantic dinner at home, just the two of you. Sometimes the best gift you can give is yourself and your signature dish.

Find Out What He Likes

You may think you know your mate, but when it comes to his birthday, don't take unnecessary risks. Talk to his family, his friends and even his co-workers--they may be able to give you the insight you need to make his birthday dinner as special as possible.

Once you have the information you need, go out of your way to decorate your home accordingly. If he loves Japanese, purchase kimonos for you both to wear and chopsticks to use. These complement the meal and demonstrate the time you have taken to make it special for him; this is very romantic.

Set the Mood

There is more to a romantic dinner than the food; the atmosphere plays a large role as well. Begin by purchasing a bouquet of roses and making a path with its petals from the door to her chair. Dim the lights and strategically place votive candles around your living room and kitchen, cooking and eating by candlelight alone. Last but not least, a CD of soft music playing in the background, perhaps something instrumental, will spark the flame of romance for both of you.

Portion Control

When preparing his birthday dinner, be sure to prepare enough for the two of you, yet just enough for the two of you to share. Begin with a Caesar salad--one bowl, two forks. The main course can consist of crab cakes, baked salmon or filet mignon. Any of these can be enjoyed with a side of risotto and blanched asparagus, crisped to perfection. A glass of Merlot accompanies all of these dishes beautifully, as does a German Riesling, although wine is subjective for those who drink it. Take your time and savor each bite, teasing him about his birthday present while you eat.

Enjoy Dessert

When it comes time to serve dessert, tell her to follow the trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom. This gives you time to plate her birthday dessert, whether it be the traditional birthday cake or something more nontraditional, like her favorite Turtle Cheesecake. Lie down next to her on the bed and feed her the dessert, slowly and seductively, raising the level of romance another notch. Once she has finished, allow her to decide if she would like to unwrap her birthday gift from you, or just unwrap you.

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