Romantic Birthday Ideas for Girls

A bouquet of flowers is a great way to show your girl you care on her birthday.A bouquet of flowers is a great way to show your girl you care on her birthday.

A birthday can be a fun time to surprise your girlfriend with a romantic gift or gesture. This act, or present, can make her birthday even more special and show her that you truly care. If you know a woman with an upcoming birthday celebration, there are a variety of romantic ideas for things you can give her, or do for her, on her special day.

Surprise Her

A surprise party can be a wonderful way to celebrate a girl's birthday. Gather friends and family at a secret location and enjoy the excitement on her face when she arrives to a party in her honor that she was unaware of. The extra effort you put into arranging the party will show her that you care and that you want her to have a fun-filled birthday.

Workplace Surprise

If your girlfriend or wife is working on her birthday, send her a special surprise at her place of work to get her through the workday until she can celebrate her birthday. You can send a flower bouquet, chocolates, balloons or even a singing telegram. She'll love that little touch of romance during her workday.

Night In

Plan a night in for you and your girl. Have a movie marathon of all of her favorite shows, and have all of her guilty pleasure foods. The two of you will have a nice evening snuggling on the couch and enjoying her favorite things. She'll appreciate that you are taking the time to watch films she loves and make her some of her favorite foods to munch on.

Night Out

Plan a night on the town. Tell your girl to get dressed up and make reservations at her favorite restaurant. Look at events in your area and see if there may be a play or concert she might like. A night of activities on the town will be a fun way to play up her birthday, and she'll love that you planned a few activities. Rent a hotel for the night, so your night out will feel like a little birthday vacation.

Fun Trip

If you have the available funds, plan a trip for her and surprise her with it. Think of a romantic place maybe the two of you once enjoyed, or a place she's always wanted to go. Coordinate time off with her workplace, so that's one less worry she'll have. Make reservations for travel and lodging accordingly, and when she wakes up on her birthday surprise her with packed bags and tickets to go.

Make a Gift

Making your girl a present will show her you put thought into every aspect of the gift you give her. You can make her a beautiful piece of jewelry; if you don't know how, purchase a jewelry kit at a local craft store. Make her a video that commemorates your time together or create a collage of photos of the two of you that you can hang in your home.

All Day Cooking

Cook for your girl all day long on her birthday, to show her you want her to have a yummy day. Begin by making her favorite breakfast foods and surprising her in bed. If she has to go to work, prepare a lunch for her. While she's at work, you can make a romantic dinner for two and pour some good wine to enjoy. Have her favorite dessert serve as her birthday cake.

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