Romantic Birthday Ideas for Guys

Creating a romantic birthday for your guy can be difficult, but getting the moment right can make all the difference. When commemorating a milestone in your guy's life, it is always best to come up with ideas from the heart. Having a romantic birthday for your guy can show him how much you love and appreciate him. If you are having trouble deciding what to do for his birthday, remember you are not alone. Most people have difficulty creating the perfect birthday.

Simple Is Always Best

Your guy might think that treating him to a baseball or basketball game is romantic. If he has an obsession with athletics, cater to his obsession. If you have the means, get private seating at a sporting event and treat him to a four-course meal; his love for sports and you will make a night to remember. If your guy enjoys aviation, rent a flight on a helicopter for a night; flying above the bright lights will make it a birthday he will never forget.

Cater To Him for His Birthday

To make your guy's birthday a romantic experience do anything he desires. Cater to him on that special day; cook for him, make his favorite dessert and, if he wants, sing to him. If you want to up the romance factor, dim the lights in the room and play soothing music. Set the tone for a memorable birthday for your guy.

Be His Personal Masseuse

Everyone enjoys massages. Treat your guy to a massage from you. Cook him a romantic dinner before giving him a massage. Decorate the room to appear like a professional spa; set the tone by bringing in a professional massage table. To add a romantic feel, place candles around the room or, for a safer alternative, use battery-operated candles (i.e. Glade has a similar product). Play soothing love songs and watch while he enjoys the experience.

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