Romantic Board Games

All long term relationships eventually need a little intervention to remind the parties why they are together. Day to day obligations often interfere in the intimate aspects of a marriage or other ongoing twosomes. One way to alleviate the same routine is to add something new. Games for lovers have been around for centuries and the modern era has instilled romance and humor into board games for two.


Romantic games often bring feelings of closeness reminding couples of what it felt like to fall in love with each other. Poetry has always been one way to a lover's heart, so consider playing Magnetic Poetry Romance Edition to awaken the heart. Magnetic Poetry consists of words and phrases that are on magnets allowing lovers to post sweet nothings to refrigerators, lockers or any place else a magnet will hold opening the door for the poets within.

An Enchanted Evening has been around since the mid 1970s and has kept its popularity with couples. Like most board games there are dice, a board and direction cards; unlike most board games you do not collect $200 for going around "Go." Instead the prizes come in the form of kisses, cuddles and fantasy enlightenment. The game is ideal for quiet nights at home without worrying about kids and work.


Humor is among the favorite ways to the heart with laughter bringing its own romance. Pick-up Lines is a smart, witty game for couples. In an effort to collect tokens, player must move around the board using pick-up lines and responses to advance. The game provides over 150 lines with space to originate new ones. Some approaches are sweet while others can be funny failures.

Dirty Minds is another game that mixes humor with romance. The game is designed to see just how far a person is willing to go when letting "dirty" thoughts into the candlelight. The game has a player read clues from cards while the opponent tries to determine what the reader is referring to. The clues run from the innocent to the lecherous with the intent to lead the players into believing they have a "dirty mind." The game can be played between couples or, for those willing to walk on the wild side, with multiple couples.


Sometimes romance is all about bringing the naughty back into the relationship. Between the Sheets is a form of adult Twister. Couples pay to reach the other side by participating in acts of foreplay that often end with them being tangled "between the sheets." There is always the chance that the game will never finish because of the pleasant directions of the board.

"Discover Your Lover" is a game designed to enlighten partners about their significant other's sensitive spots and what gets them hot and bothered. The game requires honesty between couples by asking questions that normally wouldn't be asked and by pushing the limits of the intimate relationship. Questions and tasks range from the mild to the daring, all with the intent for couples to know one another better.

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