Romantic Board Games for Couples

Romantic board games can put fire back into a couple's love life.Romantic board games can put fire back into a couple's love life.

Sometimes a board game can be the answer as couples search for ways to put the fire back into their love life. Romantic moments can be hard to come by if a couple is busy, but taking time to play these kinds of games occasionally may be a key in maintaining a healthy and joyous relationship.

Fan The Flames

Fan the Flames is a game designed to enlighten a couple about the romantic wishes and desires of the other person in the relationship. This game for two people begins with each player writing down a secret wish in detail. This wish should describe something that the player would like to do with the other player at the conclusion of the game that they believe will “fan the flames” of their relationship.

The couple takes turns drawing Guess Cards that contain intimate questions about sex, love or relationships. The player drawing the card tries to guess how the other player would answer. Correct guesses move the player along the board and the winner reveals the secret wish, which will hopefully be agreeable to the other player. Of course, there’s nothing wring with peeking at the other player’s wish and trading up if that sounds like a better plan.

The Kama Sutra Game

The Kama Sutra Game is a based on the ancient guide for lovers, which has been developed into a game that allows a couple to spend a romantic evening exploring one another's bodies and minds. The two players roll dice and move along two separate paths and communicate about different wants and desires as directed by the game. During the game, each player accumulates activity and sexual position cards. These cards taken together build a script of sorts that will guide the couple through an intimate encounter at the end of the game. The object is to develop a deeper understanding of what your partner likes and wants and to build anticipation that results in a powerful lovemaking session.


Embrace is a board game designed to lead a couple through a session of intimate encounters, thoughts and feelings. The game is broken into three levels, including “Lovey Dovey” for the more conservative player, “Close Encounters” for the more daring and “Sextacy” for a night of anything-goes fun.

The game includes challenge cards that range from putting on a romantic song and slow dancing with one another to performing oral sex on your partner and much more. The object of the game is to be the first to make it to the “Embrace” square and win a sensual treat that both players are likely to enjoy.

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