Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Keep romance in mind for Christmas gifts.Keep romance in mind for Christmas gifts.

Christmas is a time of bright lights, festive music, sweet aromatic baked goods, buying presents for that special person and romance. Often, we feel overwhelmed with all there is to do during the holidays. After buying groceries and running errands, shopping can seem like a difficult task. It can be helpful to have some fresh ideas on romance and what to buy the man in your life.

Hand-Dipped Chocolate Fruit


Hand-dipped chocolate cherries and strawberries are good to show him he's special. They can be purchased in milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Season Tickets


If you have a man who likes a good ball game or is a music lover, he may enjoy receiving season tickets for his favorite team or season tickets for his local theater. If that is out of your price range, choose a ticket to one or two of his favorite events.


Country inn

Surprise your man with a weekend getaway to a local bed and breakfast, country inn, or find a cabin rental company. If you want to go eco-friendly, consider planning an eco-adventure. For example, the Clearwater River company gives guided tours in Idaho.



Hire a guitarist, pianist, or violinist to serenade your man at his favorite restaurant. Consider using a student musician because they may work at a reduced rate.



Consider purchasing an engraved watch or a gold ring. Contemplate using original words or a love quote.

Silk robe


A silk or satin robe can be a gift that your lover will find exciting. You can even add some love coupons to one of the pockets. As an idea, they can be coupons for a massage, date night of his choice, or free kisses anytime. You can easily make these on a computer and print them.



Send a bouquet of aromatic, beautiful flowers to his work. Some companies will also deliver items such as chocolates as well. If you have the time, deliver them in person.

First Date

Couple on first date

Visit the place you had your first date. This can be an inexpensive way to bring a little more romance into your lives. Take a picture of the place and have it processed and put it in a nice frame.

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