Romantic Christmas Gifts for Him

Whether it's your boyfriend, fiancé or you're celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary, finding the perfect romantic Christmas gift for that special someone in your life can be a very difficult task. Everyone has done the old cliché gifts like jewelry and ties. Here are some examples of fun, unique and romantic gifts.

Personalized Boxers

What man couldn't use a new set of underwear? While you're shopping for the perfect pair, consider purchasing a personalized set. You can create your own design at a website such as Cafepress. Just upload any picture you want, add some text, and you're good to go. Alternately, you could opt for a pre-designed pair from the Personalization Mall. The boxers are labeled "I (heart) _" (insert your name here).

Strip Chocolate

Let's face it: men are very sexual creatures. But why not make him work for the fun, or let him win it in a game? Chocolate Fun: Strip Chocolate is a game for couples to play before a night of passion and romance. The two players will roll the die and draw cards to decide which player has to strip and who gets to pour the chocolate and frosting on him or her. Each game set includes jars of chocolate and cherry frosting, brushes, a game board and game pieces. The label on the box does include this warning: "Playful partner not included."


Everyone loves a nice, long game of Monopoly. What, then, could be better than a game specifically personalized with a picture of you and your man? You can place your photo in the center of the board and customize the landing spaces with your own photos and memories. The entire game board is completely customizable. This is a fun, affordable and memorable gift that is sure to become a family keepsake.

Season Tickets

Women may not understand a man's definition of romance. The way men see it, romance can be found in anything ... as long as you're together. Therefore, you can let him enjoy two things he really loves at the same time: you and sports. Buy season tickets for his favorite football or basketball team and go with him. You may not enjoy the game as much as he does, but he will appreciate your presence. Believe it or not, many men find sports venues to be among the most romantic places; otherwise, they wouldn't choose that place to propose so often.

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