Romantic Clothing Colors

Romance has a color palette that extends beyond red.Romance has a color palette that extends beyond red.

A romantic clothing color can be the one that fits your mood best, but some colors easily spell romance. The occasion and fabric textures also influence what looks romantic. For women and men, color choices for engagements from dates to weddings may differ for practical reasons.


A frilly and feminine dress in pastel champagne or pink is alluring. Pale pinks such as petal are romantic while hot pinks are more provocative. Champagne tones are a nude effect that softly enhance the skin tone. A gown or cocktail length is ideal for a party or the red carpet. When accessorized with silver, it is softer. Small touches of dark gray or brown can complement the romantic tone. Black and navy, however, add a stronger edge and are not as soft. For a man, pastel pink, baby blue and Tiffany blue are romantic colors for shirts. Light gray is a classic suit color that has a refined and romantic edge.

Bold Colors

For a glamorous occasion such as dinner at an expensive restaurant or balcony seats at the opera, a red dress symbolizes star sex appeal. An elegant shoulder-baring and body-hugging gown or classic sheath in royal blue, silver or gold has a drama that speaks romance. Luxurious fabrics such as velvet, silk and satin play up the romance with soft texture and shine. A red flower print is timeless chic for a dinner party or date, as red roses are the essence of romance. Bold red on a man is a hot color, though not a traditional choice of men for everyday wear. A deep red or burgundy signifies romance when used in a subtle way such as a tie or pocket square. Violet, orange and blue in muted shades also are choices that can lend a romantic feel.

Dark Colors

The ease of black in shiny, figure-flattering silk and jerseys lends a romantic quality to dresses. Its use in lace and lingerie-inspired bustiers and accent trim such as feathers and fur make it a popular choice both as a main wardrobe color and accent. In taffeta, it can take you to a night on the town or a formal gala. Deeper shades in the red family such as wine and burgundy can also be romantic. For men, navy and black are the most popular tuxedo colors for romantic and classic formal wear.


Innocence has long been portrayed in white, traditionally worn by brides and in baptisms. White-on-white outfits have a peaceful, ethereal and romantic quality. In crisp linens for a beach walk or organza for a wedding shower, it is a romantic color you will always feel beautiful in. Creamier tones such as ivory and chalk can be combined or worn separately for a dreamy, romantic effect. Paired with lavender, tan or pale blue, white imparts a romantic elegance. For men, a light-colored suit in cream, gray or taupe gives a Gatsby formality for day while beachy white shirts have a carefree, romantic appeal for cruises and other vacations. The classic tuxedo is based on a crisp white shirt, which enhances the romantic look.

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