Romantic Colorado Vacations

Many couples enjoy partaking in activities together on a romantic vacation, such as skiing.Many couples enjoy partaking in activities together on a romantic vacation, such as skiing.

Colorado offers vacationers a variety of activities and scenery to partake in, most of which can transform the trip into a romantic getaway. Whether you and your mate are adventurous, food and wine enthusiasts or simply want a place to lounge and relax together, Colorado will likely hold a spot for you. Research the accommodations available and the activities near the various areas to find the location ideal for you and your style of romance.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado is widely renowned for its breathtaking sunsets, and an ideal place for you and your mate to view one is in the Rocky Mountain National Park. In addition to gorgeous glimpses of the sun setting over the Rocky Mountain snow-capped peaks, you will also be able to explore the vast alpine tundras, meadows and other Colorado landscapes. Vast wildlife also inhabits the area, such as elks, moose and bears. Following the sunset, enjoy crystal-clear views of the sparkling night sky, unhindered by any light pollution.


Known for its skiing, lively nightlife and elegant and sophisticated shops and restaurants, Aspen is a romantic and upscale choice for a couple's vacation. The ideal time to visit Aspen for skiing is in the winter months, while spring and summer make for enjoyable weather for the non-skiers. Besides skiing, Aspen holds a variety of hiking trails and mountain peaks to conquer. Maroon Bells, which is located just outside of Aspen, holds breathtaking mountains along with a lake, meadows and stunning cliffs for the more adventurous couple. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool, a 40-minute drive from Aspen, offers a variety of hot springs for vacationers to soak in.


A Colorado headquarters for dancing, live music, restaurants and wine festivals, Vail offers couples opportunities for a lively and romantic getaway. Copper Mountain Stables offers trail rides and even sleigh rides in the winter for an intimate tour of the landscape. Couples can scale Vail mountains to watch the breathtaking Colorado sunset and ride a Eagle-Bahn gondola back down the mountain for a Venice inspired romantic end to the day. Enjoy fireworks at Beaver Creek, which are set off every week during the winter season.


Telluride offers visitors and vacationers the chance for an adventurous, yet romantic, vacation. Pack a picnic lunch and hike the nearby San Juan Mountains, stopping to enjoy the packed meal at a stunning lookout point. Drive to the quaint Ouray, which will make you feel as though you had fallen into an old Switzerland village. Here you can find the Wiesbaden Hot Springs, where you and your loved one can lounge as a relaxing end to your day.

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