Most Romantic Combination of Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers can be a very romantic gesture.A beautiful bouquet of flowers can be a very romantic gesture.

When choosing a bouquet of flowers to surprise your sweetie with, there are several factors to consider. Obviously you want to give him a beautiful, romantic bouquet, but you might be unsure of which are the best flowers to include. Romantic flower combinations are those that have personal meaning, symbolic significance or high aesthetic appeal. Regardless of what is important to you in a bouquet, knowing a little bit about flowers can help you choose the best flower combination possible.

Symbolic Flowers

Traditionally, different types of flowers have represented unique feelings or sentiments. If you would like to build a bouquet that expresses your amorous intent, consider including the following bouquets of flowers: Combining sunflowers with lilies signifies adoration and purity. A combination of roses and lilacs represents being in love for the first time. Gardenias with tuberoses mean joyful pleasure. Pansies combined with orchids mean that you adore her delicate beauty. Larkspur and daisies send that message that you admire her innocent, beautiful spirit.

Symbolic Colors

In addition to flower type, colors can also indicate specific meanings. Consider including the following colors in your bouquet: Red flowers, such as roses, tulips and and carnations, which represent passion, and pink flowers, including roses, dianthus and trailing arbutus, which symbolize gratitude or friendship. Combine white and red roses to represent unity. Incorporating white flowers such as the lily and orchid give the bouquet a meaning of purity. Yellow roses and daisies signify that you are hopelessly in love. Regardless of the flowers or colors you choose, avoid striped flowers, which can indicate a refusal of some type.

Favorite Flowers

Sometimes a bouquet is not about flower meaning, color or combination. For many men, there is a no more romantic gesture than a bouquet full of his favorite flowers. Although this bouquet combination may seem obvious, it should certainly not be underestimated. Women that take the trouble to discover and remember their guy's favorite flowers will never fail to impress. According to Bethany Roberts, most men prefer brightly colored red, orange, purple or yellow flowers. Flowers to the people lists some typical favorites as roses, sunflowers, carnations, camellias and agaves.

Aesthetically Pleasing Combinations

Since most people today are unaware of the symbolism of flowers, bouquets are generally composed primarily for aesthetic appeal. For a truly beautiful, romantic bouquet, consider some of the following flower combinations: Hibiscus and plumeria, lupines and asters, lilies and wild roses, carnations and roses, carnations and tulips or hydrangeas and delphiniums. If you don't want to mix flowers, bouquets comprised of only roses, lilies or carnations all look lovely.

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