Romantic Country Decorating Ideas

Romantic Bath DecorRomantic Bath Decor

For those who have an appreciation of country décor and the simplistic design elements involved, incorporating that look into certain rooms of the home is essential. For country homes that want to bring a touch of romance to certain rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom or living room, adding a combination of natural items and comfortable, overstuffed pieces of furniture will give a hint of romance.


One way to being a sense of romantic country decorating to a home is by incorporating florals into the decorating theme. Large, overstuffed comforters and blankets can carry floral prints with matching drapery and area rugs. Add dried floral swags and wreaths to create a romantic atmosphere with the country coziness of preserved floral accents. Add ribbons to dried floral arrangements, placing them in the center of the arrangement, wrapped around it or intertwined throughout.

Fresh florals also make a romantic impact on a country home. A vase full of colorful roses, such as floribundas or tea roses, add depth and a scent of romance in the air. Place simple arrangements of colorful wildflowers on living room end tables, bedside tables and even in country-inspired bathrooms for a subtle indication of romance combined with country design.


Adding a sense of coziness is important when creating a romantic country design palette. Create coziness by adding quilts, country items, antiques and fabrics to the bedroom area. A bed that has a mismatched set of country linens that are lined with lace or silk are wonderful romantic accents. Country quilts that lie over overstuffed down comforters provoke a sense of comfort and old-fashioned romantic charm. The shabby chic style of decorating is also popular and encouraged with romantic country decorating. Furniture, chipped paints and distressed wood in hues of light pinks, blues, pastels and whites fit in nicely with this decorating style. Chenille-covered chairs and pillows offer a soft place of comfort for solace or romance.


One way to create a romantic look is to decorate with country-inspired candles to provide light. Candlelight lends to a hint of romance and also adds a sense of warmth. Tall, white taper candles add warmth and romance to a dinner table or serving area. Under the flicker of light, rich floral tablecloths with lace runners give way to mismatched floral china. This type of Old-World charm can extend into the bathroom. Here, a serving tray filled with country-inspired Depression glass holding chocolates can be placed near the bath. The bath itself can become a decorating focal point filled with warm water and country scented lavender blossoms. Grubby styled jar candles can surround the tub as crystal drop wall sconces add more illumination to the room.

In the living room, a whitewashed fireplace can be lit with a subtle fire, with a country quilt hung nearby for snuggling. Or, use a set of mirrors to provide a backdrop for a set of homemade beeswax candles that will provide warmth and flicker throughout the evening. For more warmth and lighting---a large ficus tree can stir a bit of romance being lit with low light decorating bulbs or clear colored Christmas lights.

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