Romantic Couples Games

Play romantic games for couples at your next party.Play romantic games for couples at your next party.

Party games are not just for children; adults can enjoy playing games at parties, as well. When you are throwing a party for a group of couples, consider planning games that are designed for people in romantic relationships. Light-hearted, romantic games are a fun way for couples to interact and get to know each other better.

Taste Game

Food can be the prelude to romance, so consider playing a game that involves taste. Each of the couples should choose a person to be blindfolded and taste the food. When each taster is blindfolded, the other member of the couple should feed him bites of food. He then has to guess what the foods are. The couple who gets the most answers correct wins. Choose foods that are commonly associated with romance, such as chocolates and strawberries.

Kiss or Drink

This game tests how well couples know each other. Make up a list of questions pertaining to relationships before the party and give each person at the party a stack of index cards and a pen. Call out the questions and have the people write down the answers. For example, ask, "Where was your first date?" or "What is your girlfriend's favorite food?" If the couples' answers match up, they are rewarded with a kiss. If they miss a question, they have to do a shot or take a sip of their cocktail.

Dancing Competition

Consider having a dancing competition when you are hosting a party for a group of couples. Play music and have each of the couples show off their sexiest dance moves. Play the game in several rounds. For example, in the first round, the couples have to dance to hip hop music, and then everyone votes for the best couple. Then, play salsa music, followed by slow-dance music and country music. The couple that ends up with the most votes wins.

Scavenger Hunt

Put together a scavenger hunt for the couples party. The couples will work together to search for a list of romantic items. Each couple should take a camera along and take pictures of the items. On the list, include a heart, a couple kissing and a piece of lingerie. The first couple to take all of the pictures and come back to the party location wins.

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