The Best Romantic Date Ideas

Romance doesn't always have to happen at night.Romance doesn't always have to happen at night.

The best romantic dates are often the simplest. Keep the focus on your relationship with a low-key date where atmosphere sets the tone for romance to occur naturally. Ambiance and setting play a big role in planning a date that lends itself to the thrill of romance. Whether you choose to have a picnic or a quiet evening in with your beloved, privacy is a key factor in allowing romance to take the lead.

Dinner Out

Choose a familiar restaurant with reliable service.

Dinner for two in a dark, quiet restaurant nearly guarantees romance to be on the menu. Choose a restaurant with a quiet atmosphere where booths are available for couples and the tables feature a substantial votive candle. If your relationship is particularly close, you can sit on the same side of the booth as your partner so you can share food and have an intimate conversation.

Colorful sushi and Japanese foods are often excellent choices for encouraging romance as well as culinary adventure. You might also opt for Italian food, or even pizza which is often associated with "amore", (the Italian word for love).

Horseback Riding

Wear comfortable jeans or pants for horseback riding.

Horseback riding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get closer to someone special. Many horse farms offer horseback riding excursions and designated trails where visitors of all experience levels can take advantage of the fresh air in a safe environment. Be sure to ask the horse owners or instructors for the most docile, easy-going horses so you and your date can spend a slow afternoon taking in the essence of the outdoors as you focus on each other.

Beach Walk

Make sure you bring insect repellent on beach walks.

Taking a walk on the beach at sunrise, sunset or in the late evening creates a prime opportunity for love to grow. If you opt for a sunset or evening walk, bring along a bottle of wine or some sparkling grape juice and two glasses. Sit on the shore and watch the waves roll in while you and your partner hold hands and toast to the past, present and the future. The peaceful calm of the ocean reminds many couples that genuine romance is rooted in simplicity.

Hiking and a Picnic

Hiking is an opportunity for affectionate hugs and holding hands.

Plan an outing to a park or nature center with abundant hiking trails and picnic areas. Pack a picnic with all the essentials, including potato salad, ham sandwiches and baked beans. Add a few thoughtful items, such as an ice-cold water bottle that your partner is sure to appreciate during the hike. Use disposable picnic containers for convenient cleanup before you embark on your hike.

Hit the hiking trails with leisure and relaxation as the number one priority. This mindset allows for plenty of stops along the way where romance can take the lead.

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