Romantic Date Ideas for Guys

Head to the ice skating rink for some chilly fun.Head to the ice skating rink for some chilly fun.

If you would like to take your boyfriend out for an exciting date, there are many options open to you no matter where you live. Consider what your boyfriend's interests are and think about what the two of you enjoy doing together. Choose a fun date activity that allows you to interact with each other and to reconnect all over again.

Ice Skating

Whether your boyfriend is an expert on the ice or a complete novice, take him ice skating. Skate hand in hand, helping each other over the ice, or see who can skate the fastest. Skating is an excellent sport for the winter months, or you can find an indoor rink that allows you to skate during the warm months. Enjoy winter treats like hot chocolate and home-made cookies afterward.

Zoo Date

If you and your boyfriend have a day off during the middle of the week, take him to the zoo. The zoo is quieter during the middle of the week, and you can enjoy getting a chance to check out your favorite animals. This is an enjoyable outing that allows you to spend time focusing on each other and sharing new experiences. Bring along a picnic to enjoy at a park after your time at the zoo.

Star Gazing

Wait for a warm, clear night and then take your boyfriend out for an evening of star-gazing. Take a blanket along with you and spend the night looking at the stars. You can bring along a portable CD player for some musical accompaniment and a small dinner so that you don't get hungry while you are outside. Bringing another blanket to cuddle under is a good idea in case the wind gets too cold.

Game Night

If you and your boyfriend have a slight competitive streak, propose a regular game night. Talk about all the games that you like to play together and play one game a week. You can simply play one type of game that you both love, or you can make it more interesting by switching games every week. One way to decide on the game is to have the loser from one week choose the game for next week. This gives you and your boyfriend a chance to bond over some shared fun.

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