Romantic Dinner Gifts

Delight a couple with a complete romantic dinner for two.

Romantic dinners make ideal anniversary or Valentine's Day gifts. Treat a couple to a complete feast, from taste-temping appetizers to decadent desserts. Order full meals and have them delivered directly to the couple's house as a welcome and convenient surprise. Consider any diet restrictions when choosing the dinner gift.

Parisian Three-Course Meal

If a couple doesn't have the time or money to spend an anniversary in Paris, transport them there with a Parisian-inspired three-course meal gift. As an appetizer, include two quiche Lorraine mini pies, along with two handmade mushroom tarts featuring flaky chive-flavored pastry shells. For a main course, pick from chicken cordon bleu filled with honey ham and swiss cheese, seared salmon in a creamy lemon herb sauce or shrimp and cheese tortellini in white wine lobster sauce. Round out the meal with two decadent chocolate parfaits.

Cajun-Style Feast

Surprise a spicy food---or New Orleans-loving---couple with a Cajun-style feast delivered to their house. As an alternative to traditional romantic Italian dinners, a Cajun-inspired meal will have an exotic flair. Choose from Andouille sausage puff pastry, crab cake risotto or fried green tomato appetizers. As a main course, treat the couple to blackened catfish rubbed with Cajun spices, French-cut pork chops and spicy Cajun rice, or flaky flounder in a puff pastry served with beurre blanc sauce. Finish the gift with two servings of bread pudding or crème brulee parfait.

Taste of Tuscany

For a romantic and sophisticated Valentine's Day or anniversary dinner, treat a couple to flavorful Tuscan-inspired dishes. Choose fresh Italian bread and robust Italian wedding or tomato Florentine soup as a starter. Ideal main courses include chicken breasts filled with couscous and Mediterranean-style vegetables, baked salmon drizzled with olive oil and topped with sundried tomatoes, or three cheese tortellini topped with a creamy herb-flavored alfredo sauce. Choose from tiramisu or cappuccino-flavored cookies as a dessert.

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