Romantic Dinner Ideas

Fish and shellfish, enjoyed with a bottle of good wine, are good options for romantic dinners.Fish and shellfish, enjoyed with a bottle of good wine, are good options for romantic dinners.

Romantic dinners should be light and tasty, ideally in a single dish so that the couple can help themselves. Finger food and platters to share are good ideas as they build intimacy and can create a fun atmosphere. Avoid meals that are too heavy and rich such as wine-based stews or dishes that are based on carbohydrates. A bottle of chilled wine or champagne adds the final touch to the romance.

Seafood Medley

Seafood conjures up romantic thoughts and memories for many people. On a practical level, it is light and easy to both prepare and eat. One idea is to share a seafood platter. Place freshly crushed ice onto an aluminum tray and arrange a medley of seafood on top. This can include mussels, prawns, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel. Add a couple of oysters to the mix to push up the romance quotient. Finger bowls with lemon are fun. Picking food up with fingers is very sensual.

Honey Duck

Prepare two chicken breasts, or preferably duck breasts, with a honey glaze to make a romantic meal that is simple and tasty. Coast the breasts in some honey, some mustard and soy sauce and fry in a pan until just cooked. Serve with some lightly steamed asparagus or another green vegetables such as beans or peas. Alternatively, a duck breast served with a fruity sauce such as plum, shows that you have gone to some effort and the dish fulfils the requirements of being light and tasty.

Fish Dishes

Fish is another seductive choice for a romantic dinner. It is easy to prepare and fast to cook so leaves you with more time to spend with your dinner date. Baked salmon (cook for around 20 minutes in aluminum foil with a splash of white wine, lemon slices and herbs such as dill) with steamed vegetables works well. Tuna (baked or pan fried) with chopped, baked Mediterranean vegetables is a good choice. Choose colorful peppers, tomatoes and zucchini but avoid onions.


Chocolate is the obvious choice for a romantic end to a meal but can be a bit too rich for many people. A good idea is to serve a good-quality coffee or liqueur at the end of the meal with a couple of truffles or pralines. For dessert, opt for fresh fruit. To make it more special, cut into cubes and serve on skewers with some cream or yogurt. Another choice is a dish of summer berries with a little white chocolate sauce. Fruit salad, made with exotic fruits such as mango and pineapple, and served in the inside of a pineapple half (with the stalk left on for effect) is light and fun. If you want chocolate as part of the dessert, go for a small portion of chocolate mousse or a chocolate fondue.

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