Romantic Dinner Ideas for Cooking

Cooking a romantic dinner for your partner is one way to say Cooking a romantic dinner for your partner is one way to say "I love you."

Making dinner for your significant other makes her feel special and shows how well you know her, especially if you cater the meal to her tastes. When planning a romantic dinner theme, think about classic romantic settings as well as creative and sensual entrée ideas. Test out recipes beforehand if possible to avoid any kitchen disaster the day of the dinner.

Italian Bistro

An Italian dinner exudes romance. If possible, eat on a balcony and string lights around the table to feel like you are on the patio of a real Italian restaurant in Italy. To bring Italy to your home, serve foods such as antipasti and bruschetta as appetizers; steak carpaccio and pasta in a light cream sauce are solid main course choices. You can select any type of pasta you would like, although you should go light on the garlic if you plan on smooching later on. Classic Italian desserts include tiramisu and cannoli.

Fondue Dinner

A few fondue pots will have the two of you enjoying each other's company while you feed each other from your fondue forks. While Swiss cheese is a traditional fondue cheese, start with a fondue made from a cheese that you know your significant other likes. Dip crusty bread into the fondue. For a meat fondue, a basic chicken or beef broth seasoned however you want is sure to hit the spot. Select cuts of seafood for a romantic dinner, such as shrimp, salmon and white fish. The meat is dipped into the hot broth and left there until it is cooked to perfection. End the dinner with a chocolate fondue filled with his favorite type of chocolate or two chocolates combined. Offer strawberries, pound cake and bananas to dip into the chocolate.

Parisian Dinner

Transform your living room into an French restaurant with a view of the Eiffel Tower (which you can create and put on your wall as a mural) and impress her with your culinary skills by creating a classic French meal. Dishes you can serve as appetizers include canapés and escargot, if you're adventurous. The main meal can consist of French classics such as coq au vin, Cognac shrimp and ratatouille. Enlist the help of a friend to help you prepare the dishes ahead of time if the menu is labor-intensive. Chocolate mousse or creme brulee are two sensual French desserts to serve. Play classic French music and light candles to set the mood.

Aphrodisiac Dinner

To get your significant other in the mood for romantic festivities after dinner, serve only foods that are believed to be aphrodisiacs. Offer oysters, classic aphrodisiacs, on the half-shell as a seductive appetizer, and, for the main course, follow with a juicy steak seasoned with ginger, saffron and garlic, all of which are believed to stimulate hormones in the body. Asparagus is a perfect side dish as it is full of vitamin E, a nutrient that affects fertility and sexual functions. Of course, the ultimate aphrodisiac, chocolate, must be served for dessert. Chocolate dessert options include chocolate-dipped strawberries, brownies or a decadent chocolate cake.

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