Romantic Dinner Tips

There are many ways to have a creative, romantic dinner at home. All it takes is careful planning, a little ambience, some creativity and an excellent meal.


Setting the mood is the first step toward a successful romantic dinner. First clean the dining room and remove all clutter or distractions, such as the television. Dim the lights and light a few candles. Make a bouquet with your beloved's favorite flowers. For a more intimate approach, scatter the table and floor with fresh rose petals. Drape the table and other surfaces with soft fabrics such as silk or velvet. Select songs that have special meaning to you or your partner and play them quietly in the background.

If there is a special, foreign location that your partner has visited or has wanted to visit, the dinner can be centered on a theme. Someone who adores Italy, for example, might enjoy an Italian meal with Italian music in the background.

Host the Event

For an extra creative flair, create a menu listing the evening's dishes. Present the menu to your partner as she is sitting down. Be sure to serve your partner in every way by pulling out her chair and practicing other common courtesies. After the meal, ask your partner to dance. Pour your partner's beverage into a wine glass, even if the beverage is water. This adds an elegant, romantic touch to the meal.

Meal Ideas

Serve a main dish that is a favorite of your partner. The meal can be homemade or picked up from a favorite restaurant. Serve the food elegantly on plates.

The meal should end with a special dessert. A chocolate fondue provides a delicious treat that is easy to prepare. Prepare sliced fruits, marshmallows, cake squares and other sweets to be dipped in the melted chocolate. Leave the chocolate solid until dinner is finished. Use a fondue pot to melt the chocolate at the table while you dance or converse with your partner.

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