Romantic Dishes and Desserts

Add extra touches for romantic desserts.Add extra touches for romantic desserts.

Eating is an experience for all the senses. Attractively presented food seems to taste better. The aroma of freshly baked bread adds to the pleasure of biting into a sandwich. and the feeling of chocolate melting on the tongue is part of the sensation of swallowing a bite of cake. Food has the ability to enhance romance. So, when romance is in the air, create sensuous dishes and desserts.

Breakfast in Bed

Feeding each other blueberry muffins with crisp bacon, fresh fruit compote and hot coffee may warm you up enough to forget about getting up altogether and may encourage you to get back to snuggling. Prepare as much of the breakfast the night before as you can so the only effort required is reheating. Waffles and stuffed French toast served with slivers of ham are other alternatives. Replace the fruit compote with a fruit smoothie. Even granola and yogurt is romantic, depending upon the company you keep. Serve strawberries and champagne for dessert.

Picnic Lunch

Stop at the gourmet deli section of your grocery store and put together a picnic of luxurious foods you wouldn't normally buy. Your special someone will feel extra special knowing you went over the top with this picnic. Herbed goat cheese spread on crackers starts the meal. Follow up with slices of prosciutto and fresh fruit salad. Wrap the ham around chunks of fruit as you go. For dessert, choose chocolate chip cookies to dip into chocolate mousse.

Decadent Dinner

Dinner can be a challenge for the romantically inclined. You and your partner should be full but not stuffed; pleasantly satisfied but in the mood for more. Start the dinner with foods that have a reputation for encouraging romance. Oysters on the half shell are a given. If neither of you likes raw oysters, cook them briefly under the broiler. Other foods with a reputation for romance include rare steak, foie gras, asparagus, avocado and figs. And nothing else will do for dessert than dark chocolate.


Keep the romantic mood going by cooking dishes that need little preparation and don't take long to cook or are slow-cooked and don't require your attention. Your time is better spent with each other than slaving away in the kitchen. Cooking together can become a pleasurable activity as you sip wine, taste the different dishes and enjoy one another's company.

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