Romantic Email Ideas

Send a romantic email to your special someone.Send a romantic email to your special someone.

Sending a romantic email to your loved one is an effective way to surprise her and add excitement to her day. When she sees your email arrive, it will catch her off guard and give her something to smile about. Think about your significant other's taste and the style of romance that she prefers so that you come up with the best romantic email idea for her.

Electronic Cards

Send an electronic card to your loved one. An electronic card plays music and has a message from you that you customize on the inside. Many types of electronic cards exist, so whether your loved one likes cards with flowers or stuffed animals on them, you are certain to find something to match her style. With an electronic card, she can play the card over and over again, and save it in her email box.


Write your loved one a poem and email it to her. Poems are romantic expressions of your love and feelings. Taking the time to create something that is just for her will definitely score you points on the romance scale. Make the poem personal and express how you feel about your partner. If you want to keep your romantic gesture on the serious side, write about the way she makes you feel. If you would rather use comedy to lighten up the romance, write a poem about how she hogs the bed covers and gets mascara stains on your shirts.


Plan a romantic evening for the two of you, and invite your loved one over email. Make the email brief and mysterious, so that your partner knows where to meet you, and when, but does not know what you have planned. Your email might say, "I'll bring the wine, you bring yourself. My place. Tonight. 8:00pm." An email like this keeps your partner in suspense throughout the day.


You can email pictures to your loved one. As a romantic gesture, have someone take a picture of you holding a sign that says, "I love you." Upload the picture to your computer and email it to your loved one. When she receives it over email, she is sure to find the gesture romantic and sweet. You can also take a candid photo of an older couple that you see and send it to your loved with the words, "This will be us someday," in the body of the email.

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