Romantic Evening Ideas at Home

Make a meal together rather than dine at an expensive restaurant.Make a meal together rather than dine at an expensive restaurant.

Rather than going out for date night, stay home for an evening. You could save money by just planning a bit ahead. Create your own romantic atmosphere and enjoy getting to know your partner in the comfort of your own home.

Spa Date

Instead of spending several hundred dollars on a day at the spa, bring all the elements of the spa to your home. Put on some soft music, light candles and dim the lights throughout your home. Set out flowers and provide his and her robes with slippers. Use a variety of body oils, bubble bath, bath salts and lotions. Find a book on massages and if you can, rent a massage table. Take turns giving each other massages with body oils and lotions or soaking in the bath tub with bubble bath and bath salts.

Dancing Encounter

Put on your dancing shoes and dress the part for a ballroom-inspired romantic evening. Rent or purchase a DVD on ballroom dances and try to learn the basic steps with your partner at home. Choose the more romantic dances like the tango, Viennese waltz, the foxtrot or the waltz. When you have the basic steps down, put on some soft music that goes with the dances and dance around your house to the music.

Foodie Evening

Rather than go to a restaurant, make your own food at home. Purchase a few wines that you've never tried before and have a romantic wine tasting with your partner. Gather all the ingredients you'll need for a fancy meal you and your partner have agreed on. Pick a meal that neither of you have cooked before and work together to make it. Even if the meal turns out terrible, you both can have a fun time in the process. Pair the meal with a romantic movie.

Game Night

Hold a romantic game night by personalizing already well-known games. Send each other on a romantic treasure hunt with clues that lead to some sort of small gift. Play a card game and have the loser of each hand do some sort of romantic dare or tell a truth. You also can play Battleship. Every time a person's ship has been sunk, he has to complete a romantic dare. Play a game of Scrabble and only use words that you associate with your significant other. Playing Twister also can bring your partner and you closer together. You also can play a game of 20 questions where the answer relates to your partner.

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