Romantic Evening Ideas for New Couples

Spending time exploring your town can get the sparks flying.Spending time exploring your town can get the sparks flying.

Getting to know one another remains one of the most exciting, romantic parts of the courtship process. New couples often want to spend as much time together as possible, but the sheer anticipation of hanging out sometimes gets in the way of actually figuring out what to do. Coming up with romantic ideas for spending the evening together takes the pressure off, so plan ahead by organizing an agenda for romance. That leaves more time for chatting, snuggling and celebrating being a new couple.

Hometown Tourist

Some people spend years living in a town without sampling the tourist attractions for which the city is famous. Play tourist with your new honey by booking a sunset harbor tour, strolling the zoo at night or cuddling in the backseat of a pedi-cab as the city lights emerge. Bring a camera, asking passers-by to snap romantic photos of the two of you smooching before important landmarks. Not only will you be making memories as a couple, you might find a new favorite restaurant or museum along the way.

Kitchen Romeo

New couples love the chance to show off for each other, so plan a romantic evening at home, taking turns whipping up specialties in the kitchen. Put some love jams on the stereo, decant a good bottle of wine and make a toast to your sweetie. The menu doesn't have to be fancy to be romantic. She'll love that you decided to share your family's recipe for mac-n-cheese casserole, and he'll be impressed with your superior pancake-flipping abilities. Cooking for someone heats things up fast, so be prepared for a sizzling romance.


The elemental attraction of fire has been around forever; capitalize on fire's steamy powers by planning an evening outing that involves a bonfire. Some towns have bonfire pits at local beaches and parks; in a pinch, you can reserve a campsite at a fire-friendly campground without actually spending the night. Bring blankets, guitar, flashlight and snacks. New couples can swap ghost stories, watch for falling stars or huddle against the thought of prowling Bigfoot monsters or overly forward raccoons. Double-check with city ordinances before lighting up; there's nothing romantic about being routed out by a ranger for burning a fire too late into the night.


Romantic dancing doesn't have to involve cheesy three-piece bands and old-time tunes. With the right attitude, new couples will enjoy checking out each other's moves on the dance floor in just about any venue. Don dark blue jeans and hit a peanut shell-covered dive bar for country booty scoots, or sneak past velvet ropes at a snooty nightclub to bump and grind to a live disc jockey's hip-hop mix. Spend the evening shaking your hips to bass-heavy reggae music at an outdoor festival, or crank your favorite tunes on the living room floor. It's an opportunity for getting up close and personal with your new partner in crime, and there's nothing more romantic than that.

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