Romantic Feng Shui Bedroom Ideas

If your relationship has lost its mojo, call in the feng shui spirits.If your relationship has lost its mojo, call in the feng shui spirits.

Many people use the ancient art of feng shui to redecorate their home and revitalize their workspace. Many believe it can liven things up in the bedroom, as well. "Feng" translates as "wind," and "shui" means water. Together, they create balance that can boost your romance quotient if you follow principles for revamping your bedroom.

Abolish Clutter

If your bedroom is littered with books, unfolded laundry, hobbies and other clutter, there are numerous reasons to bring order before you make the room a haven of romance. The practice of feng shui stresses tranquility and organization so your mind can let go of daily worries the moment you step foot inside. Also pay attention to areas of your bedroom that you can't see. The space under your bed should be as pristine as the area surrounding it to maximize the romantic benefits you receive.

Replace Electronics With Flowers

Ousting the TV may be easy, but banishing your computer, smartphone and other electronics can be difficult. However, if you hope to encourage romance in your bedroom, all of that buzzing, ringing, flashing and beeping needs to go. Once you remove the devices, substitute fresh flowers in their place. Feng shui guidelines suggest avoiding dried bouquets, so opt for cut flowers that add color and sweet fragrance to the bedroom. Even your color picks will influence romance: Choose red, pink, salmon, coral, mauve and burgundy blooms, and the feng shui gods will smile favorably on your hard work.

All About the Bed

According to feng shui principles, bed placement is an important aspect of romance, so if you are willing to do the complex mathematical calculations required to figure out where to place your bed, you'll add an important element to your bedroom reconfiguration. Feng shui guidelines will tell you how to use your birth date plus the longitude and latitude of your bedroom to arrange the furnishings. If you're in the market for a new bed, buy a small one to encourage intimacy, and sleep with the woman on the right side of the bed or the man on the left.

Disguise Mirrors

Mirrors play a special role in feng shui lore and practice. According to ancient beliefs, souls leave the body at night and travel around, so if a soul happens to encounter its reflection, havoc can result when the spirit is frightened. For this reason, pay special attention to where you hang mirrors in your bedroom, opting for locations that don't reflect directly onto your bed or the path you may travel during the night. Feng shui practitioners recommend covering mirrors at night so everyone gets a good night's sleep, including you, your romantic partner and your spirits.

Decorate in Pairs

Penguins, geese and some other birds mate for life, so if you add pairs of these birds as art, figurines and even linen patterns, you'll enhance your chances of attracting the romantic vibes you sought when you began your feng shui decoration. Pairs of objects contribute sweet energy and positive vibrations, so adding something as simple as two decorative pillows embroidered with a pair of penguins may be all it takes to summon the maximum amount of feng shui energy and promote bliss.

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