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In romance, as with most other areas of life, people desire something they cannot readily have. The kiss is the apex of the date, the promise of good things to come. The first kiss is very important to a woman, setting the stage for what she can expect if she is to have a relationship with you. A romantic first kiss has much more to do with what happens before the kiss than where, how and when the kiss occurs.

A romantic first kiss sets the stage for good things to come.A romantic first kiss sets the stage for good things to come.

Masculine Features

Exercise tones the muscles of the body and face, making a man look more attractive.

Murray Davis, a sociologist at the University of California, pioneered the study of attraction and was the first social scientist to systematically outline how to attract a woman, based on comprehensive social science research. The first step in making a woman want to kiss you is to present yourself in a very masculine way. If you are interested in attracting a quality mate, you will want to hit the gym. Working out tones all muscles, even the muscles of the face, while increasing symmetry and masculine appearance, both of which appeal to women on a biological level.

Surmount Obstacles

Demonstrate your thoughtfulness by being polite and considerate.

Ask her what her most romantic first kiss was. If you do this in a playful and flirty way she will not be offended. You will not know what is romantic to her unless you ask. Bold as this advice sounds, it is effective in letting her know you are interested in meeting her needs. Set the stage for good things to come. Let her know that you are a sweet guy by watching what she does and responding to her. There are many ways you can demonstrate being thoughtful, even if you have only known her for a little while. Open doors for her. Pull out her chair. If she drops something, pick it up for her. If she gets up to use the washroom, stand briefly.

Be Interesting

Connecting with her is an excellent way to build romance.

Find a topic both she and you are passionate about and then ask her a lot of questions. Watch how her body language changes, how she becomes more animated, how her eyes sparkle. Challenge yourself to find the one topic that will cause this kind of transformation. Connecting with her is an excellent way to build romance.

Sincerely Compliment Her

Compliment her in a sincere way.

Compliment her twice during the date. Say a sincere compliment at the beginning of the date -- this is known as the primacy effect, that the first thing someone hears will be easily remembered. After getting to know her for awhile, share another sincere compliment at the end of the date -- this is known as the recency effect, the last thing someone learns will stay on their mind. You don't have to say anything particularly smooth. The fact that you notice she is attractive or interesting will be very appealing to her. Do not say it more than twice, however. You want to let her know you are interested, but still evaluating her. A man who throws himself at a woman is very unattractive.

Tease Her

Flirting is important and builds attraction.

You don't have to ask if you can kiss her at the end of the date. Her body language will let you know if she is willing to let her kiss you. If in doubt, though, it is considerate and romantic to ask. Lean inward and gently kiss her once only. Touch her back or hand when you pull away. No more. Leave her wanting more. She will want to date you again and think you are a very romantic guy if you follow these simple steps founded in the social psychology of dating.

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Brenda Scottsdale is a licensed psychologist, a six sigma master black belt and a certified aerobics instructor. She has been writing professionally for more than 15 years in scientific journals, including the "Journal of Criminal Justice and Behavior" and various websites.

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