Romantic Flower Ideas

Putting a little thought into picking flowers for the special woman in your life ensures she'll remember it for a long time. Here's some romantic ideas to start a special evening or day together.

Favorite Color

A single red rose or a dozen can really let a woman know you love her. Or give her a dozen roses in her favorite color. You could also mix a variety of flowers in that color.

Potted Flowers

Another way to let someone know you want to make a long-term commitment is to give a potted flower. Orchids bloom for many months and they're available in many grocery stores. It's also easy to find miniature roses and other flowering plants, or you can visit a plant nursery for even more options. You can tie a bow around it and include a romantic card.


When Japanese give special meaning to different flowers, they call it "Hanakotoba." The Orchid is not only a great potted plant, it symbolizes love, luxury, beauty and strength, probably due to its graceful and strong form.


Blue is considered both calming and empowering, so it's a perfect flower color to give someone special before a job interview, speech or big event. Tell her you're behind her 100 percent with an arrangement of blue flowers from the florist.

Hand Picked

Honor the special park where you met or one you walk by with flowers from a place you have enjoyed together. It'll show her how you like her company and that you remember many special moments with her.

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