Romantic Food for a Wedding Reception

Romantic food can enhance your wedding reception.Romantic food can enhance your wedding reception.

Weddings are a celebration of love, and the food you serve at the reception can add to that romantic atmosphere. From aphrodisiacs to heart-shaped cakes, make a statement of your love through delicious fare.


Oysters traditionally inspire romance.

Some foods traditionally are said to inspire amorous feelings. According to the "Cambridge World History of Food" on Gourmet Sleuth, oysters have been thought to be an aphrodisiac since the second century. Slices of avocado are a good idea for starters, and broccoli, carrots and, surprisingly, garlic are all known for their aphrodisiac qualities, also. For dessert, don't leave out a luxurious chocolate cake.

Shape and Texture

Cupcake towers are a popular wedding option.

Play with the shape and texture of food to add to that romantic feel. Use heart-shaped cutters to make cookies and sprinkle them with edible glitter. BBC's Good Food says cupcakes with decorative frosting look romantic when stacked in a tower and are perfect for a wedding centerpiece. Serve food that couples can feed to each other, such as strawberries with a chocolate dip.


Serve chilled glasses of champagne.

Champagne is the ultimate romantic drink to serve at a wedding reception. Try dropping a small strawberry or raspberry to give it that extra panache. It should be served in flutes and chilled to the right temperature, according to Brad Prescott on the IntoWine website.

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