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What could be better than a romantic getaway to a beautiful location, whether it's for a honeymoon, anniversary, Valentine's Day or "just because"? Whether you want to take a romantic getaway to a picturesque snowy mountain town or to a warm, relaxing Mexican resort area such as Cabo San Lucas, the options are endless.


There are a lot of popular romantic getaway destinations in the world. Whether you are looking to have a romantic getaway in Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, the United States or Canada, there are many options. Some popular types of romantic getaways are to tropical islands such as Bora Bora, cabins in wintry Vermont, the exquisite beaches of Bermuda or the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy.

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Some people opt for romantic trips revolving around surfing, mountain biking or scuba diving. Great romantic getaways for active types are places such as Maui and the Bahamas. For people with a more traditionally romantic concept of getaways, Italy is the classic ideal romantic destination. What could be more romantic than beautiful hotels, magnificent food, historical architecture and enchanting scenery? For couples who want to "get away from it all," then a mountain town in Vermont with a cabin is a terrific choice.


There are a lot of excellent romantic getaway travel packages. They often include hotel and airfare or travel expenses, and perks such as breakfast for two, champagne for private toasts, luxury spa treatments (massages, facials, etc.) and a round of golf. Some places that offer excellent romantic packages are the Marriott Hotel, Foxwoods Resort and Casino and Hotwire.com.


When booking your romantic getaway, consider some of the most popular places that other people love. Hawaii is by far the most popular romantic getaway location, with its beautiful beaches, mysterious coves, exciting water sports and terrific hotels. Other popular romantic getaway spots include Florida, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, New Orleans and California's Wine Country.


There are a lot of excellent web sites that offer exciting travel information for romantic getaways, whether you're in Pennsylvania or in New Jersey. Mid-Atlantic Romantic Getaways has specialized web sites for many states, from West Virginia to Maryland, and the web sites offer detailed listings of where to go in the particular state and accommodation information. It is a great resource to check out before deciding where to visit, if you are looking for an eastern getaway.

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