Romantic Gift Basket Ideas

Place romance inside your gift basket with heart-shaped items.Place romance inside your gift basket with heart-shaped items.

Bring the spark back into your relationship with a romantic gift basket. Whether it is a small getaway basket for the two of you to snuggle away from distractions or a basket with edible treats, the focus is on romance and the two of you. So grab your sweetheart and hold on, as the ride is about to begin.


Nothing says romance like the two of you alone snuggling. Surprise your sweetheart with a night at the most romantic bed and breakfast you know. Fill a basket with a copy of the reservation, a couple of bottles of bubbly, some scented candles and oils, a toothbrush and some snacks for later. He'll get the idea.


Create the mood for romance as you fill a basket with a couple of bottles of wine and glasses etched with the date for a keepsake souvenir. Add green and purple grapes to hand feed her, some crusty French bread with gourmet cheeses to sustain her, and chocolate-covered strawberries to satisfy her sweet tooth.


Plan your night together with a massage basket filled with scented candles to set the mood, scented oils to rub his shoulders down, and scented shower gel. Include some mood music with a slow rhythmic beat and add some Champagne, chocolate-covered cherries and snacks for later.


Make a basket based on Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Fill the basket with food thought to inflame the senses and heat up her passion. Fill it with oysters, caviar, truffles, dark chocolate, ginseng and bananas. And add wine, the nectar of the gods, for your drinking pleasure.

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