Romantic Gift Crafts & Projects

Romantic crafts are a great way to show you careRomantic crafts are a great way to show you care

Making a gift for a loved one's birthday, or for any celebration, is a great way to show how much you care with the time and thought that went into making your creation. Romantic crafts and projects are also ideal for those who want to give something special and personal but are on a restricted budget.

Message in a Bottle

For this gift, find a clear glass bottle with a cork or glass stopper. Many stores will sell heart-shaped glass bottles for a discounted price, especially close to Valentine's Day. Be sure the bottle is clean before using it. Take a white sheet of paper, a sponge, and a cup of tea. Soak the tea into the sponge and stain the paper, giving it an "old parchment" look. Once the paper is dry, write a personal love letter to the gift recipient. Roll the paper up and tie it with a piece of ribbon. Slip the letter into the bottle. Other options include adding red, white, or pink tissue paper, confetti, heart-shaped candy, or any other little surprises you wish to give. Place the cork or stopper in the bottle. Add to the overall presentation with a ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle.

Decoupage Vase of Flowers

Decoupage is a craft method of gluing any material to any surface using special decoupage glue, available at your local craft store. For this gift, choose a large vase with a smooth surface in any shape you'd like. Next, choose an array of material to cover the surface of the vase. This material can include pictures of the two of you or places you've been, any sort of fabric, tickets from your first trip together, or anything else meaningful that you can think of. If you can't find something you wish to include, try looking up the image online and printing out a high-resolution image. Decide how you want to arrange the material on the vase--a collage is easy and looks impressive. Use the decoupage glue to fix each item onto the vase, using your fingers or a Popsicle stick to smooth out any bumps or wrinkles. Once the vase is covered with images, apply one or more coats of sealer, also available at your craft store. Several coats of sealer will make your collage meld into one image, for a truly impressive finish and look. Before presenting your gift, fill the vase with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Jar of Kisses

This romantic gift is perfect for any chocolate lover. Choose a cardstock in any color or pattern you like. Cut two strips long enough to wrap around the jar, one wider than the other. Run the wider strip through a paper crimper. Write (or use letter stickers if you have poor handwriting) a message on the smaller strip, like "Jar of Kisses." Glue the smaller strip onto the crimped, wider strip, then punch three holes on both ends of the longer strip. Wrap the strips around a clean, empty mason jar, then tie in a criss-crossed pattern using ribbon laced through the holes. Fill the jar with Hershey's kisses, screw on the lid, and present it to your special someone.

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