Romantic Gift for Him

Give your sweetheart a thoughtful, romantic gift.Give your sweetheart a thoughtful, romantic gift.

Whether it’s a special occasion that warrants a romantic present, or you want to pamper your man and help him unwind, consider an intimate present that blows his mind and creates fond memories. Romantic presents strengthen and develop the bond you share and bring you closer together. Take time to consider a special gift that arouses him and ignites your relationship.

Attention and Time

Arrange an intimate evening for your sweetheart that he will remember for a long time. Depending on personal preference, transform your bedroom into a spa, or arrange a hot bubble bath for the two of you to take together. To create the romantic ambiance, dim the lights in your bedroom or bathroom and place scented candles all around. Play soft music on the stereo. Make arrangements to switch off the telephone and drop the children at a nearby relative’s for the night, so you focus your attention on your man. Catch your man by surprise by wearing a revealing dress or lingerie in his favorite color the minute he enters the house, and lead him to the room. Alternatively, spend a night in a nearby bed-and-breakfast or fancy hotel so you spend quality time with your man, without worrying about cleaning up after you finish.

Personal Gifts

Impress your man with a personal gift that reminds him of you every time he uses or wears it. For instance, give him a new pack of underwear with your initial sewn or printed on the side, or sew a pillowcase with his and your initials entwined across the front. Give him a romantic story starring the two of you as the lead characters, or frame a handwritten poem or love letter.

Gift Basket

Give your sweetheart a basket filled with assorted items he and you can use to create an evening to remember. Select a theme for the basket and fill it with romantic items accordingly. For instance, if planning a movie night, add a romantic movie, set of lingerie and boxers for the two of you to wear, scented candles, decadent chocolate and a bottle of wine. If having a cookout, add ingredients to his favorite gourmet meal along with a specialty bottle of wine and a CD of his and your favorite tracks to listen to while the two of you get busy in the kitchen.

Recreate the Past

Recreate a special evening or event from your past to show you still remember minute details and were touched with the effort your man made back then to impress you. For instance, recreate your first date, first dinner, first kiss or first trip together. Wear something similar to what you did back then, inform the management so they seat you at the same table and serve you the same meal as back then. Your man will love the romantic gesture and effort you spent at making the evening a special one.

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