What Are Some Romantic Gift Ideas?

What Are Some Romantic Gift Ideas?What Are Some Romantic Gift Ideas?

There are many different ways to give a gift of romance to the one you love. These romantic gift ideas put a new spin on some old favorites like star gazing and sending a love letter. You can give a gift of art that depicts your loved ones favorite things. A night together of relaxation is something you can prepare for with a gift of romance in a basket.

A Painting

Everyone has a favorite photo of their loved one which can usually be found tucked away in an album or at the bottom of some drawer. For this romantic gift idea, have a local artist paint a portrait using that picture. You can mix and match his photos to make it more personalized. Bring along a few more photos of him in his favorite shirt or next to his favorite car and incorporate these things into the painting. This will make it an original portrait. You can go even further and have some of his favorite things painted into this artwork. You can have a team logo painted in the background or he can be holding a football if he is a fan of that sport. The background of this painting can depict his favorite place such as a sports stadium. Use your imagination and have many of the things he loves be a part of this painting. This is a romantic gift that he will display for everyone to see. For a reasonably priced portrait, you can call your local college and ask someone there to recommend a student who has the talent for doing portraits. College art students are a great resource for reasonably priced art work.

A Star

There is nothing more romantic than giving your loved one a star. For this gift idea of romance you can have a star named after her. This is a service that can be found on an Internet search. The gift contains a certificate of authentication, and it provides the exact coordinates of her newly named star. On a clear evening you can use a telescope to zero in on those coordinates and gaze at the star together.

Message in a Bottle

Sending a message in a bottle is a creative and romantic gift idea. Write a love poem and have it put into the bottle. If you are not poetic, you can borrow a poem from one of the great historic poets. You can choose a bottle that is decorative for your delivery, which will be a gift all on its own. There are businesses that offer this locally or you can search for one online. A personalized love poem from the love of your life is something that will be cherished forever.

Romance in a Basket

A basket of romance for the two of you to share can be a great gift idea. In this basket place some fragrant bubble bath for a romantic bath for two. To surround the tub with soft lighting, you would need the addition of some candles for your basket. A mix of favorite romantic music on a CD for listening pleasure is also keeping with in this theme. A bottle of wine and two designer wine glasses will complete this gift basket, making it all ready for that special romantic night.

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