Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

Give your special lady a romantic present.Give your special lady a romantic present.

If a special occasion such as Valentine's Day, anniversary, Christmas or your sweetheart's birthday is coming up, consider a romantic gift that expresses your love and commitment. Such a gift reassures the special woman about her place in your heart and brings the two of you closer together. Sweep her off her feet with an intimate gift she can look back to with fond memories.

Romantic Dinner

Impress your woman with a home-cooked candlelight dinner served on a terrace or balcony directly under the stars, weather permitting. Cook her favorite gourmet dish and serve it formally on a table set for two. Serve specialty wine to make the meal more enjoyable. Place candles around the area for subtle illumination and play instrumental music of jazz on the stereo.

Home Spa

Treat your significant other to an intimate massage in your bedroom to spend quality time together. Place a wrapped present containing lingerie for her on a table near the front entrance along with two glasses of wine and a note requesting her to wear the outfit and bring the wine with her. Spread a trail of fragrant red or pink flower petals from the front door to your bedroom for her to follow. Spread candles around the room and light those during the massage instead of using the lights. Record soothing instrumental music on CDs to play on the stereo. Place a small tray of aromatherapy massage oils to rub on her back and help her unwind. Your special lady will love the romantic gesture and the effort you put into making the evening memorable.

Overnight Hotel Stay

If a weekend getaway to another city seems extravagant, arrange a romantic mini-break to spend the night in a local hotel. Book a luxurious room in a local hotel, bed & breakfast or inn, ensuring beforehand that the room features quality furnishings and other amenities. Request the management to place fresh floral bouquets and assorted treats in your room. Take a sensuous bath together and dine in so you pamper your significant other in bed.

Coupon Book

Impress your girl with a handmade coupon book comprised of intimate and seductive activities she can use whenever she wants. Cut scented sheets of paper into 5-inch-wide strips and write or print activities such as "Free Hug," "Free Strip," "Feed Strawberries and Cream in the Tub," ""Couple Shower" and others. Also include blank coupons for her to write her own romantic activity on. Punch holes through the coupons and compile with a length of decorative ribbon or lace.

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