Romantic Gift Ideas for a Man

Choosing a romantic gift for the special man in your life can be a difficult task. Men aren't always as intrigued by the traditional flowers, candy and candlelight dinner gifts that women love. Be creative when choosing a gift; try to think of something that he really likes or that piques his interest. Your gift doesn't need to be expensive; some of the best gifts are the least expensive but those that require the most thought.

Cologne or Body Spray

Cologne is a perfectly acceptable gift that lets a man know you're into getting close to him. Be sure to choose a cologne that you already know he likes or that fits his personality. Do not just choose a scent that you like; this will show that you didn't put any consideration into his preferences.

Monogrammed Gifts

You can personalize a variety of gifts by having them monogrammed with your guy's initials. Cuff links, humidors and whiskey flasks are popular items for professional men, but they are also common items. Get creative with your monogrammed items. If your man likes hiking, you could get him a new backpack with his initials. For the guy who loves to journal, personalize a leather-bound journal with his name or initials. The possibilities are virtually endless; anything that can be stitched or metal-plated can be personalized.


Listen to your man for clues to an event he's always wanted to attend or an activity he's always wanted to try. You could get him a weekend trip to Vegas, concert tickets, professional golf lessons, a scuba-diving adventure or even pilot lessons. He will have a blast carrying out his dream, and you'll earn bonus points for making it all possible.

His Interests

Your guy will definitely be impressed if you get him a gift that revolves around one of his hobbies. Even if it's a hobby that doesn't excite you, he will appreciate your support and consideration. If he's interested in photography, you could get him a new camera or photography lessons. A World War II buff might love an official uniform patch or a documentary series. There are coffee table books for practically every hobby; these are a great way for him to showcase his interests to guests.


If your guy is a sports fanatic, you can easily romance him with a sports-themed gift. Jerseys and ball caps are classic gifts, but there are many more creative options available. You can get him a pen made from a stadium seat of his favorite team, a ticket stub diary, grilling tools set or even a NASCAR driving experience. Sports may not interest you, but to the super fan, these gifts are sure to earn you romance points.

Relationship Gifts

Some men appreciate sentimental gifts that highlight your relationship and show that you care. These types of gifts are especially appropriate for an anniversary and are fairly inexpensive. The simplest gifts would be to make a card, cook his favorite dinner or to take him back to the place you two first met. If you are a creative type, you could create a photo collage, scrapbook or even a video documentary that chronicles your relationship. These types of gifts require more thought than purchasing a gift from a store. Your guy is sure to take notice and appreciate you for your efforts.


There are a wide variety of erotic gifts that are sure to increase the heat in your relationship. Your guy will be sure to remember a gift that allows him to fulfill one of his fantasies or explore his relationship with you in a new way. Some fun erotic gift ideas include sex dice, massage oil, lap dance kits, sexy lingerie or naughty coupon books. Your man will likely be intrigued by your provocation and eager to turn up the romance by becoming closer to you intimately.

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