Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's

February 14th is a holiday for celebrating lovers. In the past, lovers have sent one another secret notes and cards to mark the occasion. Today, flowers, candies and gifts are given to help sweethearts express their feelings. Historians believe the day began as a Roman holiday called Lupercalia. On Lupercalia, February 15th, lotteries were cast and lovers were assigned for the following year. Whatever you believe, giving a gift to your lover on Valentine's is a good idea.

Sexy Bath Basket

A bath basket is a sensual gift to give and share with the one you love. Tuck some fragrant shampoo, conditioner, body wash and exfoliant into your basket. Include some bath mitts and bath toys you two can share. Wrap your basket in some pink cellophane and top it off with a big, pink bow. If you don't have a tub big enough to play in, rent a nice room at a local hotel. Ask for a garden tub or a spa-size tub. Wash each other's hair and play sensual bath games. Add some more bubbles to your basket by giving champagne and fluted glasses.

Personal Poetry

Give a special book of poetry to your partner on Valentine's Day. You could buy a leather-bound copy of Keats or Shakespeare's works and have your sweetheart's name inscribed on the cover. Take a few minutes to write an inscription inside the cover to memorialize the day. Tuck a bookmark in the book on your favorite page. Wrap your book of poetry in some pretty wrapping paper and present your gift to your lover. When he or she opens it, ask them if you may read to them. Turn to the page you have marked and read the poem to your sweetheart. Make the moment even more romantic by lighting some candles first.

Personalized Fragrance

Nothing says "I love you" like a fragrant perfume. You could buy her or him a favorite fragrance or get creative and personalize a fragrance. Visit a perfumery and design a special scent for your partner. Do a little research at home first. Examine her nightstand or medicine cabinet and write down the names of her favorite perfume. Take his favorite cologne with you to get help choose the right scent for him. Companies that create personal scents will often produce a personalized label with your lover's name on it. Wrap it up carefully with tissue and a pretty bag.

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