The best romantic gifts for men

Give him a message in a bottle.Give him a message in a bottle.

Men enjoy and deserve romantic gifts as much as women do. While men have the reputation of being difficult to shop for, there are more than enough romantic gift ideas to choose from. Use your imagination to find an appropriate gift that shows him how much you love and care about him.

Message in a Bottle

Give him a message in a bottle. Purchase a glass bottle to use for this gift; it can be a used bottle from a garage sale or thrift store, or a brand new bottle. Alternatively, recycle a bottle you already have around the house. Write him a love letter on a piece of paper, or list off all the reasons why you love him. This is a good time to write him "365 reasons I love you" for an anniversary or other gift. Roll up the paper and slip it in the bottle, making sure that he'll be able to remove the paper without breaking the bottle.

Framed Poem

Write your boyfriend or husband a poem and have it framed. It doesn't have to portray your best writing skills -- a poem merely needs to be a collection of your thoughts and feelings for the man in your life. Write it in your own handwriting on a nice piece of paper. Stationary works well for this gift. Put the paper into a picture frame.

Scrapbook of Memories

Make him a scrapbook of your memories for him to treasure and cherish. Choose candid or professional photos from your friendship and relationship, of the two of you as well as friends, family, pets and vacations. Purchase a scrapbook and accessories from a craft store; these include buttons, stickers, brads, papers, templates and a variety of scissors. Put together the scrapbook with photographs, event tickets and any other paper items you have saved.

Couples Massage

Give him the gift of relaxation with a couples massage. Many gift tokens for massages include a package for two, or purchase two separate massage gift tokens and give them both to him so he knows it is for the both of you. Enjoy your day of pampering together.

Hidden Message

Have him go on a scavenger hunt. Purchase a book he would enjoy reading -- fiction, biography or hobby book. On a separate piece of paper, write down the hidden message you want him to find. It can be anything you want to tell him, like "I Love You" or a longer message. Open the book and find words on various pages throughout the book with the words you have chosen. Underline the words with a pencil or light-coloured pen. Give him the book and let him unravel the hidden message as he reads it.

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