Romantic Gifts to Send

Send romantic gifts to express your feelings.Send romantic gifts to express your feelings.

Romantic gifts tell that special person in your life how much she means to you and express your deepest feelings of love. If you are far away from your loved one, consider sending her a unique gift that shows your devotion and commitment to the relationship. Even better, surprise her with a gift without waiting for a special occasion. Be creative and look for unique gifts best suited to your partner's personality and tastes.

Gift Baskets

Although you can purchase romantic gift baskets from specialty gift shops or online retailers, you can make the gift more personal by making it yourself. Purchase an attractive basket, line it with velvet fabric in your sweetheart's favorite color and fill it with unique items just for her. Casual wear items, aromatic candles, a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates make a romantic basket for a loved one. Consider the personality of the person and add items you know he will enjoy. Cover the basket with colored plastic wrap and tie it shut with an attractive ribbon. Place the basket in a large mailing box and send it by priority mail or local courier.


Jewelry is a romantic gift option for both men and women. For example, you can give the woman in your life a heart-shaped necklace. The addition of precious jewels can make it even more treasured or you can personalize it with an engraving of your intertwined initials or the anniversary date of your meeting. Rings, watches or identification bracelets make romantic gifts for men if they are personalized. Send these gifts by special courier for security purposes.

Teddy Bears

A teddy bear can be a sweet and thoughtful gift for a sweetheart. Several companies offer teddy bears you can personalize; make one to represent your love. Choose a bear representative of his occupation, be he a police officer, nurse, dentist or teacher, and dress it accordingly. Add accessories to his attire if desired. Mail the bear in a attractive box marked with a personalized card. Other items, such as flowers or candy, can be included with this gift.

Cards and Chocolates

Cards make romantic gifts for any occasion, especially when they say special things you may not be able to articulate. In particular, romantic cards express strong feelings of love in a simple way. Additionally, chocolate treats make delicious romantic gifts for any occasion or reason. It's a rare person who doesn't appreciate quality gourmet chocolates given at any time of the year. Send a gift of chocolates wrapped in an attractive package with an accompanying romantic message that tells your sweetheart how much you care. For the adventurous eater, send an assortment of chocolates as a unique gift.

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