How to Be Romantic With a Girl on Phone

A romantic call shows a girl how much you care.A romantic call shows a girl how much you care.

Making time to speak to a girl on the phone can be difficult, particularly if you and she are busy. However, phoning a girl is a way of showing her that you're thinking about her. In an age of texting and emailing, a phone call itself is romantic these days. It shows a girl that you're thinking about her and that you care for her.

Be spontaneous. Calling a girl at a non-specified time is flattering since it shows that you were thinking about her at just that time. While arranging a time is practical if you and your girl live in different time zones, calling for no special reason will make her feel appreciated.

Find a place where you can talk to your girl without distractions. If she hears conversation, the television or loud music in the background, she will think that she doesn't have your full attention, and it may hurt her feelings.

Use your girl's name regularly, which will show her that she has your complete attention. Stay focused on her and don't start talking about your rough day. Ask her how her day has been and how she's feeling. Tell her that you wish she were with you right now.

Keep the phone call short and sweet. Two five-minute phone calls in a day are much more romantic than one long rambling call.

Call a girl when you're just outside of her house. When you have her on the phone, ring the doorbell. She'll be so surprised when she answers the door, especially if you're holding a bunch of flowers.

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  • If you get your girl's answering machine or voice mail, leave a brief, sweet message and call her back later.

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