Romantic Halloween Dinner Ideas

For a romantic Halloween night, eat by candlelight.For a romantic Halloween night, eat by candlelight.

Love is strange, and often spooky. And while Halloween might not strike everyone as the occasion for a romantic dinner date, for those so inclined, it's the perfect night to feed each other by candlelight, celebrate the mystery of romance and then indulge in those things that happen after dark.

Tastes Of The Season

Center your menu around seasonal foods: pumpkin, fall fruits, nuts and seeds. Start the evening off with some warm baked Brie, continue with a smooth pumpkin-pear bisque. For the main course, something cooked very rare fits the bill--lamb chops or seared steaks. For vegetarians, a pasta entree with tomato sauce is a possibility, or a black bean stew.

Set The Table

Set the atmosphere by setting the table. Candlelight is a must, of course, whether it be small tea lights scattered around the dining room or tapers in ornate holders. Make a centerpiece of orange, purple and red flowers such as poppies, tiger lilies and delphiniums. Add some Indian corn and some mini-pumpkins if you like. Another centerpiece possibility is a vase full of deep red roses--complete with thorns, of course.


A deep blood-red wine is a fine choice for a romantic Halloween night, but it's not the only option. Mull some apple cider with warm spices such as cinnamon and cloves, both of which are reputed to be aphrodisiacs. Or mix up some spooky cocktails.


The perfect dessert for a romantic Halloween dinner is Devil's Food Cake--rich, chocolaty and just a little naughty. For a lighter alternative, you may choose to simply feed each other grapes by hand.

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