Romantic Ideas for the Creatively Challenged

Marriage proposals flown across the sky on the back of an airplane and hundreds of bouquets delivered to the office are lovely ideas associated with romance -- for the wealthy. However, when you can barely afford the gas to get to work, coming up with creative romantic ideas for the one you love is challenging. Moreover, if you do not have any creative instincts to begin with, the task may leave you feeling anything but romantic. Have no fear -- old-fashioned movie romance may save the day.

Modern Carriage Ride

"Somewhere in Time" stars Jane Seymour and her love interest, Christopher Reeve, with scenes of the couple in a horse-drawn carriage, traveling around Mackinac Island, Michigan. Most people do not have access to a carriage, a horse or a carriage driver, however. No worries -- modernize. If you live in a state that allows people to ride in the back of truck beds, find a friend that is willing to play chauffeur for a few hours and has a truck. Special note: Be sure and take all of the junk he has in the back of the truck out, or this simply will lose any romantic feeling that it has. Then fill the back of the truck bed with a layer of fresh hay, string battery-operated white Christmas lights around the top edge of the truck bed and take a slow ride in the back of the truck through the city with your beloved to gaze at the night lights and speak of romance.

Late Night Dancing

Take a hint from Richard Dreyfuss in "Goodbye Girl" and cheaply, but with class, put on your tuxedo and plan an evening of late-night outdoor romantic dancing. To mimic Dreyfuss you will need the rooftop of an apartment building to accomplish this feat. However, you can also improvise and use a patio or simply your backyard. In preparation, string lights around the outdoor dancing area, chill a bottle of something you both like to drink in a tub of ice and provide two plastic or glass goblets to toast one another. Invite your date to the romantic evening by leaving her a note for her to see when she arrives home indicating the time, place and formal dress requirement for the date.

Moonlit Picnic and a Movie

If you have a stock of old romantic movies, a projector and a screen or clear outside wall to show movies on, plan a nighttime picnic and a movie, similar to what Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey did in "The Wedding Planner." Set up the projector and screen in your backyard and before it place a checkered blanket on the ground, with a picnic basket, utensils and beverage chilling in a bucket on the blanket. Get a friend to deliver a special invitation to your romantic interest at work for the evening. Then sit under the stars with your sweetheart and enjoy the romantic evening that you have created.

Fine Dining at Home

Create your own fine dining experience in the comfort of your home -- with a theme like Juliette Binoche did in "Chocolat" -- but leave out all the guests but one. For example, if the two of you love dining at Italian restaurants, create the ambiance of your favorite Italian restaurant at your table. A red and white checkered table cloth, tapered candles in the center of the table and some Italian instrumental music softly playing in the background is a start. Get out the cookbook and prepare some of the Italian dishes that you have enjoyed together.

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