Romantic Ideas for Dates on Rivers

Plan a romantic date on the river.Plan a romantic date on the river.

Plan a special date with your significant other either between or along the wide banks of a river, where you can enjoy each other’s company amongst the sounds of an easy-flowing stream. River dates are more romantic when you exert a little thought and pre-plan the day or evening. Call ahead to reserve a riverside table, or pack a picnic with favorite foods.

Canoe Picnic Trip

Take a romantic canoe ride down the local river with your significant other. Canoe rental companies will provide a canoe for a day, transportation to the canoe drop site and life-jackets for a rental fee. Pack a waterproof picnic basket or waterproof bag and fill it with light sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies, cheeses and breads. Drinks can include juices and bottled water. Alcohol is generally prohibited on the water.

Riverboat Cruise

Boats can depart during the afternoon for a lunch cruise that may include light fare for lunch and a small show or tour of the riverbanks. Sunset cruises are more romantic. They depart in the early evening and sail toward the sunset. The cruise may include a cocktail hour, appetizer reception, dinner show, tour of the riverbank and full-course dinner with dessert. Prices for riverboat cruises vary depending on time and day of the cruise.

Dinner and Dancing at a Riverside Cafe

Pick your favorite riverside cafe and take your significant other dancing. Call ahead and reserve a private, corner table and a bottle of wine on arrival. After dinner, dance the night away by dedicating romantic songs to each other. If there is a boardwalk or beach nearby, take a walk along the riverbank.


Find a clear spot along the riverbank and take your significant other to stargaze. Bring along a blanket, telescope, flashlight, star chart and picnic basket filled with your favorite snacks and desserts. Lay on the blanket and observe the stars or try to chart them using the chart map. For added romance, bring along a portable, battery-operated radio and dance under the stars.

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