Romantic Ideas for Excursions

Enjoy a relaxing, romantic excursion with your love.Enjoy a relaxing, romantic excursion with your love.

If you want to reconnect with your beloved or just strengthen your bond, a romantic excursion can be exactly what you need. Let your imagination run wild as you plan your romantic outing together, and remember that your time together is all about the two of you. Relax and let the romance blossom all by itself.


Relax together on a moonlight cruise.

Grab a spacious tent, pack some wine and food and whisk your honey away on a romantic camping trip. Spread a blanket under the night sky and lay together listening to soft music or talking, or book an evening cruise on a yacht. Enjoy dinner and champagne together under the stars. You also could pack a picnic and enjoy a private lunch together in a secluded area of the park. Even your own backyard can be a romantic place. Cook dinner on the grill outside; eat together at a picnic table and then turn on music for dancing.


A gallery opening can spark new interests and create romance.

Dress in your finest formal wear and attend a Broadway musical or dance performance together, or get tickets to the opera and listen to the lovely music together. You also could attend a poetry reading at a smoky cafe or performance art show. Head to the ballet and allow yourselves to marvel at the dancers' grace and talent. If you'd rather be out and about, head to a wine tasting where you can feel a buzz from both the wine and your partner, or go to an art gallery opening where the art can inspire and delight you.

Special Places

Reliving your first date can help recreate the thrill of your first days.

Revisit the site of your first date. Wear the same thing you wore that first day and relive all of the anticipation and excitement of meeting for the first time. Talk about the future together and how far you've come as a couple. You also could revisit special childhood places, such as the house you grew up in. Fantasize about your future home together, or do a little background research on your beloved and arrange a surprise road trip that includes all the places that have been special to her; such as her first school, the auditorium where she took theater or her old college dorm.

New Experiences

Skydiving together is sure to create intense excitement.

Romance doesn't have to be soft and sedate. In fact, you can cause serious sparks with an adrenaline rush. Book you and your sweetie on a whitewater rafting trip down challenging rapids or go skydiving together. You also could go on a weekend hike or complete a couples' survival training course together. If you want to keep things calm but still new, sign up for a class together, such as foreign language, sensual massage or painting. Learning together can help strengthen your bond and see new parts of your partner. Another idea is to research your area and discover new romantic places: a park you didn't know about, a new botanical garden or a couples-only spa. Surprise your love with a visit to a place neither of you have been before.

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