Romantic Ideas for When He Gets Home

The man you love deserves a little rest, relaxation and romance.The man you love deserves a little rest, relaxation and romance.

The man you love works hard, and at the end of his workday he is looking for some rest and relaxation, with romance likely in the furthest regions of his mind. You may be feeling frisky when he gets home, but you don't want to overwhelm him with your own romantic expectations. So, instead of creating more tension, catch him off guard with some subtle romancing techniques that will help him relax and put him in the mood for reciprocating the romantic favor.

Massage Therapy

Melt away his stress with a massage. Whether you decide to take off his shoes and pamper his aching feet with a serious foot rub or work some of your magic with warm, scented massage oil, kneading his back and shoulders with your own bare hands, massage therapy is a sensual way to relieve those vital pressure points in his body. Not only does massage therapy provide him with many health benefits, including blood pressure control and pain relief, but it also creates a genuine romantic connection between the two of you.

Table for Two

If you have children, make plans for them to spend the night out of the house. Spending a quiet evening alone with the woman he loves just might be what he needs most after a long day. Begin by opening up a good bottle of wine while you prepare a special dinner for the two of you. Put aside the box of macaroni and cheese, and cook him his favorite meal; this could possibly be one of the quickest ways to his heart. Sit down at the table, and have a real conversation over some really good food, including some so-called aphrodisiacs such as almonds, oysters, pineapple and chocolate cake for dessert.

Bath Time

Run him a hot bath. The healing powers of a hot bath after a long day go a long way. Invite your honey to soak in a hot tub remedied with lavender bath salts and suds. Pamper him a little bit. Massage his scalp while washing his hair; rub a loofah sponge over his body, especially over his neck, back, shoulders and feet, removing any dead skin and enhancing his circulation. And, as a way to connect with him on a more intimate level, climb into the tub with him, providing him the comfort and security of your presence, the two of you against the world.

A Clean Shave

Although it might not seem like the manliest thing to do, give your guy a facial that he won't soon forget, beginning with a clean, fresh shave. Ask him to sit back in a comfortable chair, and have him relax in a hot, wet towel that is gently wrapped around his face for a few minutes, prepping his five o'clock shadow for an extra-close shave. After you've shaved his face, smear on a soothing after-shave mask that will leave his skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. Finish it off with an after-shave moisturizer. This is a simple way to express your love, as well as inspire one of those just-shaved kisses that you love so much.

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