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Surpirse your beloved with romance.Surpirse your beloved with romance.

Surprise your beloved on an anniversary or any day with romance. Romance does not have to be expensive or extreme. A little creativity and a desire to please your significant other is all that is needed. Tailor the evening to your partner and romance will inevitably follow. Let your love guide you and any situation can become a romantic interlude.


Memories are a powerful romantic tool. Recreate an experience you shared together. Take her back to your first date spot, your first kiss or the place you proposed. Think of a favorite regular evening that ended up romantic. Maybe it was a day filled with comedic errors that ended up as a romantic evening filled with laughter. Remember the little details that made the day special and bring those into the romantic experience. Give a gift that symbolizes the day. A framed picture of the experience, a sprig of flowers picked on a whim, or a little box filled with reminders of the day and poems or prose that remind her why the day was special to you, are all romantic.

Clues to Romance

Stretch the romance out over several days with little treats and clues that lead to the ultimate finale. Every day, leave a clue for your beloved that leads to a small gift and the next clue. Add little notes to the clue, filling your days with simple pleasures that connect the two of you together. A massage one day, an evening playing your favorite game together on another, or breakfast in bed on the next day. Keep him guessing to the end result of your romantic clues. On the final day, spend the entire day together. Do your favorite things, go to your favorite places, make him his favorite meals, or go on an adventure together that you have always wanted to do but never tried.


A picnic can turn an average afternoon into a romantic lunch. Pack a plush, large blanket. Pick a favorite spot, such as a forest clearing or a mountain overlook. Pick a bouquet of fresh wildflowers and place in the center of the blanket. Take care when packing your picnic lunch. Choose his favorite foods for the lunch. Add a dessert of strawberries, whipped cream and shortcake. Take a walk hand in hand and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Fill a gift basket with little pleasures or his favorite things, such as snacks, a video game, or a new book by a coveted author.

Room Decorating

Decorate the bedroom or any room in your house for a romantic evening. Turn off the lights and light scented candles in musky scents or your favorite scents that inspire romance. The candlelight will give off a softer glow to the room. Sprinkle flower petals around the room. Hang sheer curtains around the bed. Set out a table with a feather, some massage oil and champagne. Add a tray filled with chocolates and fresh berries. Surprise her with a gift of jewelry or if you are on a budget, the homemade coupon book is a cute gift. Fill with coupons such as a foot massage, a romantic dinner for two, or the promise of chores you will do.

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