Romantic Ideas in Maui, Hawaii

Watching the sunset is just one romantic thing to do in Maui.Watching the sunset is just one romantic thing to do in Maui.

The Hawaiian Islands are a dream vacation, as many people who visit the island of Maui are looking for a little romance. New couples, married couples and those who've been together for decades find that Maui is an amorous and adventurous place, perfect to celebrate your love for one another. The setting is romantic; the ocean, mountains and palm trees offer an unmistakably lovely background for couples to celebrate one another. Make the most of your Maui vacation by adding a little extra romance to your vacation.

Watch the Sunrise

Few things are as romantic as catching an early morning sunrise together--until you watch the sunrise over the Hawaiian Island of Maui from the top of the island's tallest mountain range. Ask the concierge at your resort to check the estimated time of the next morning's sunrise and set your alarm to give you enough time to get out of bed, get dressed, grab your car and drive to the Haleakala Visitor Center, which is situated nearly 10,000 feet above Maui's sea level at the top of the Haleakala Mountain Range. Take a blanket and coffee and wait for the sun to rise over the mountain range, which is aptly named Haleakala, or "house of the sun."

Sunset Cruises

Now that you've seen the sun rise, watch it set. Along the beaches in Kihei, you'll find sunset cruises that take guests out into the Pacific to enjoy dancing, cocktails and the Hawaiian sunset. Your hotel concierge will assist you in making reservations on a sunset cruise so all you have to do is show up and toast to your happiness and the romance in your relationship. As an added bonus, oftentimes you'll see playful dolphins or humpback whales swimming alongside your cruise boat.

Waterfall Picnic

Maui's beauty does not come strictly from its beaches and palm trees. Tucked into the forests of Maui are dozens of waterfalls surrounded by lush tropical foliage and flowers where you can hike. Grab a picnic basket and head to a local market or deli for your favorite lunch items, and your favorite bottle of wine, and make your way to the hiking trails in Hana. You'll find fresh water waterfalls that feed natural pools where you can swim before you sit down for your picnic lunch in the middle of the forest.

Oceanfront Massages

In the Maui town of Wailea are five luxury resorts with world class spas. Book a couple's massage to enjoy with your spouse. After everything you do on your trip, from hiking up tall mountains, learning to surf and indulging in all those tropical drinks, you both deserve a little pampering. Romance is hard to miss when you're being pampered and massaged in a couple's suite or on the beach, while listening to the waves. When you finish with your massage, head to one of the restaurants or lounges in the resort for a cocktail and a romantic dinner complete with an ocean view.

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