Romantic Dinner Ideas for New Years Eve

New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity for a romantic dinner.New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity for a romantic dinner.

New Year's Eve is a perfect opportunity to show your softer side by planning a romantic dinner for the special person in your life. Even before the clock strikes midnight, you should make sure you have something planned to start the new year off the right way. Enjoying delicious food in a romantic environment with someone you care about is the perfect way to help make sure your New Year's Eve is special.

Skyline View Picnic

If there is an area near you that has excellent views of a city skyline, consider having a nighttime picnic there. Bring a few blankets along with any type of food you wish, preferably food that can be easily eaten without making a mess. If you are staying until midnight, make sure to bring a drink and glasses to toast the new year.

Rooftop Dinner

If your apartment building allows you access to the roof, set up a small table for a romantic midnight New Year's dinner. Light some candles, put out chilled champagne and serve a delicious meal. Play soft music in the background; make sure to create the playlist before dinner so you don't have to keep changing the songs.

Helicopter Ride

Take a nighttime helicopter tour over a main city. Considering the expansive view, you will most likely be able to see any fireworks that are going off in celebration. Bring food that is easy to eat; the food does not have to match the atmosphere. In some cases, something as simple as your loved one's favorite sandwich is perfect as long as she has good company and is enjoying the wonderful experience.

Home Picnic

You don't necessarily have to go out to celebrate New Year's Eve. Put a televised celebration on so you can watch the countdown and set up a blanket on the floor. Make a delicious meal, wear New Year's hats, toot horns and celebrate together. At midnight, have a champagne toast topped off with a simple dessert such as ice cream or strawberries.

Rent a Cabin

A cabin is a unique place to spend New Year's Eve.

If you live in an area that is normally not filled with woods, fresh air and stars, consider renting a cabin in a mountainous area for New Year's Eve. A change of atmosphere is a good opportunity to start out the year in a completely new way. Hang up New Year's decorations, make a special dinner and celebrate the night dancing together under the stars.

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