Romantic Ideas for Santa Barbara, California

Sun, sand and surf make for a glorious, romantic day for two.Sun, sand and surf make for a glorious, romantic day for two.

Santa Barbara has a wonderful, romantic feel of the Mediterranean, with buildings resembling those seen in Italy or France. As one of California's oldest cities, dating back to the early 1700s when it was under Spanish rule, Santa Barbara has become a popular spot for vacationing celebrities. The sights and sound of the city make it a perfect getaway for romantic couples looking to have a change of pace and scenery.

East Beach

A full afternoon or even a day can be lost wandering the shores of East Beach. This beach is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in the United States and often used as the background scenery for movies and television shows. Often bustling during the day, evenings tend to wind down, making it a great choice for moonlit walks. Colorful sunsets along miles of white sand are promises this beach can deliver day after day.

Tour of County Vineyards

Santa Barbara County is blessed to have several choice vineyards, most of which offer tours of their vineyards and wine tastings. Many also offer romantic getaway packages or wedding packages that include everything from a day at the spa, horseback riding, gourmet meals, and complimentary champagne and roses in each guest's room.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Both scenic and serene, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is located on 65 acres of nature's finest scenery. The gardens showcase stunning views and breathtaking paths of sights of canyons to redwood forests and peaceful meadows. This is a perfect place to unwind and enjoy time with a romantic partner.

Santa Barbara Mission

The mission was built in the late 1700s and is now considered the heart of the city. After more than 200 years, this beautiful, twin-tower mission is still a functional church in the area. A wonderful example of Spanish influence and architecture, this building sits on a hillside surrounded by 10 acres of lovely landscaped property.

Historic Site of Casa de la Guerra

Built in the early 1800s, this is a glowing example of the crossover between Spanish and Mexican architecture. This grand home was the site of many gala events for family, as well as visiting dignitaries over the centuries. Enjoy a tour of the impressive home as part of a romantic date.

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